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First of all, I think Lazio has a great squad and that the core of the team should remain the same.I would be satisfied with a new keeper - Toldo/Buffon, a right back and a striker.But as you know we have an ambitious president who wants to spend.So I made a list of loudest rumours. I think we agree if one player should leave it would be Salas, and he's the closest to the exit door.Also we gotta get rid of the old players and eternal talents: Gottardi and Marcolin.I also think Carini shouldn't be bought but Cragnotti already finished that.
Then, Baronio can play def.mid. like he played before, and Fiore is playing on the left side for Udinese and before for Parma (he is only a playmaker in the national team for the lat game or two).And if there's more out than in, Pinzi and the others from the youth team should get some minutes.Also we may consider buying 1 Italian striker from the smaller team - Lucarelli from Lecce.


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I have made a list of suggestiions for Lazio shopping next season.Here it is:
Toldo - 20M
Carini - 9M
Sartor - 5M
Baronio - 7M
Fiore - 15M
Lopez - 30M
Crespo - swap for Salas & Stankovic
Total: 86M

Marchegiani/Ballotta/Lombardo - 4M
Gottardi/Marcolin - 5M
De La Pena - 10M
Almeyda - 25M
Boksic - 7M
Salas/Stankovic - swap for Crespo
Mancini - retiring
So Lazio would have to pay "only" 35M for team which could win everything.I would like to hear opinions on this list.


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This is a very bad idea. And also why did you start a new opic when there already was one exactly the same?

Lazio must keep Almeyda+Salas+Deki also Toldo cannot come since he has said he would rather go to Roma and we don't need him.

You also had 4 more players going OUT than in - if anything Lazio needs to expand its squad...

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firstly if we sold deki and super salas we could get enough money to buy bobo i think

one of ballotta and marchegiani should be kept
sell mondini (the keeper that we bought for no reason)

i dont think that carini would want to wait 5 years to play in the first team
also we already have a young keeper concetti and it would be a waste to get carini if we get toldo when concetti could be the sub

dont baronio fiore veron play similar position?

i hope mancini doesnt retire and stays assistant manager/player and plays the odd game

but interesting ideas
it would be a good attack crespo lopez inzaghi and the great :) :) ravanelli

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