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I thought Illgner was out of the pic?

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Illgner has said that he is goign to stay with Real and fight for his spcae,
He said:

"I'm staying with Real. Casillas has been playing realy well but he's still only 18 and he'll go through a difficult phase at some point. Then i'll be ready.

Next season is a new season"

I thought that this guys dodgy knees meant that he was now firmly out of the picture and especially with Cesar coming in. what is this guy on about?

p.s. this was said just before the Alaves game :(
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Where'd you get this from? I, too, thought that Illgner's departure was a foregone conclusion.
Interesting. and to be honest, it's only better for us. I have always thought Illgner is a quality keeper, only heavily underestimated. If he stays OK, if someone wants him, he should go though.
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