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I still believe!!!

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Some of you guys think that Del Piero can not be old Del Piero.Before injury he was our best player and most of his goals was masterpieces.He was and still is my favourite player,he did not forget how to play football or how to score goals,but he did not have self-confidence and sometimes he did not have luck this season.Most important thing for him is to get rest and when he gets back to training,he must cone back with confidence in his ability and desire to show that he is one of best players in the world.

Forza Juve!!!
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"Del Piero Distraught: it's all my fault." The Italy and Juventus number 10 was clearly dejected, "I feel destroyed, you can guess why. I should have scored at least one goal to make it 2-0, but I missed both chances. I'll try and put it behind me, but it won't be easy. I'll need to deal with those memories so I can start the new season with peace of mind."

His team-mate Zinedine Zidane tried to console him as the French celebrated their win, but to little effect. "It was a gesture I appreciated, but to tell the truth I have all those missed chances going through my mind.”

"Next season will be the crucial one to see what's left of the great champion we once knew,"


Awh man.. that really brakes my heart..

..the great champion we once knew..

Goodluck DP, hope you'll find your old self. Though I doubt you'll ever do..
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I really pity DP too.
I don't really care what the world says about him but he is still my fav player and i will remember the things he did, not the things he didn't do or he should've done. I'll remember his sweet moments, not his down ones.

And it is not that he can't come back. Maybe the miss will spur him to work harder and get back on track. Last time he had to compete with the likes of Baggio, Vieri and Vialli to get in the first team and play regular football. Last time no one knew him and they thought he was just another average player. That's why he fighted and worked hard to be as he was 2 years ago.

I believe now that no one believes he can 'do it' anymore, he can and he will. DP is a great player with natural skills. They don't go away just like that. They may be lost, but still can be found. It's like knowledge, u can't lose it......all he needs to do is work harder and forget what happened in the last 2 years, though i know it is difficult, it is not impossible.

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I have no doubt that Del Piero will come back.He is still the best player in Italy and the best is yet to come from this champion.Personally I wanted to see him start the match
against France as I feel Italy were a better side when he was on the field on a whole throughout the tournament.Totti
is a good player,but he is not Del Piero.Perhaps if he had started the match he would not have missed chances like that
but thats the way football is.When I hear Juve supporters badmouthing Del Piero it really annoys me.He is a great player,but he like everyone is a human that misses chances.
He is simply not to blame and anyone that does blame him is simply an idiot and a back stabber.

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