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It"s wonderful>
alway these new and informative topics on crespo and cassano> by the same dall gurned people all the dall gurned time.

i mean, juve would win the champions league, coppa italia,serie a championship,eufa cup,world club championship,world cup , serie b, c if only crespo and cassano would join juve and partner del piero for next season.

ohhhh and please get rid of that damned inzaghi fellow.he is soooooooo bad soooooo bad. he can't run he can't shoot he can't walk and he can't breathe.

for sure he is the reason we lost the championship. his goals meant nothing. i mean why the hell playing with del piero he couldn't have 89 goals this season? gee whiz

so i say let's sell inzaghi and get crespo and cassano who will for sure as the sky is blue take us to the promised land and actually be "the bombers to make us dream"

at least i hope sooooo. what would happen.... if........................?
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