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HI guys look i didnt wanted to make you angry and who says that i like older Foreign players to come to Greece thats a lie if they are under 30 ok but not older. If i have offended you my turkish neighbours then im sorry. I hope to have good relations with you in the future and to discuss fotball in friendly ways thanks and i hope that everybody especially Kadri accepts my apogie. About Amokachi thanks for your information. If he isnt good enough than its ok i dont like the team of IONIKOS anyway they are not good enough.

I was the one who posted in the Greek forum. U make fun of the fact that we buy older has-beens and our fotball knowledge is zero - and then u don't want to offend us??

I stated the fact that the Greek teams buy somewhat older players aswell.

As I said u r welcome to post ALMOST everything u want but let's try keep some civilised conversation alright?

It could get ugly.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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