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I feel sick......when is the announcement?

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Does anyone know when is the supposedly Figo's presentation/announcement whether he'll be joining Madrid. I'm getting worked up and fell sick of all these stuffs....:mad:
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No, I don't, and what makes me feel even sicker is that he's going to be playing alongside Celades, who had some brilliant games for Barça until Van Gaal threw him out.
If Figo goes it will mark a very sad time for Barca. Also, Roger is right when he says it will be worse considering he will be playing alongside Celades, who should never have been allowed to leave Barca. I hope for God's sake Figo doesn't go, but if he does we will need to bring in someone who can inspire the team. But who?
Announcement of what will happen will not take place atleast until Monday the 24th after elections.
Mmmm.... my perfect scenario:
Figo goes to Madrid, we make big $$$$$, and in his first match for Madrid Figo gets so injured he isn't able to play for the rest of his life. Madrid goes bankrupt, and Figo is someone never heard of ever since....
I saw a report that you may pay real to keep Figo, but you will pay what perez promised if he did not get figo.. 6.3 mil pounds
Something is very strange.

Yesterday Perez obviously said Figo should be presented today at a press conference in Madrid, as Real´s new signing.

Today there won´t be any announcement until after the elections next sunday. Something seems to have happen since yesterday. One part involved is maybe not that interested anymore? I don´t think it´s Perez! And then I read at some site that Lazio haven´t given up signing him!

And yesterday Figo was reported being in Portugal with Futre, now it seems he´s at holiday in Sardinia. This just gets more weird every minute.

And about Madrid getting bankrupt; maybe they will in any case if they buy two 28-year-olds (Figo & Zidane) for about $100-$125 millions together and meet their salary demands. When their contracts expire they will be too old to get any money for!! Ha!
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The Birdman> It's really strange these days...

Hristo008> I hope so too :D
Everything is weird nowadays in Barca. Apparently the Zenden deal has been completed and now Figo may be gone. I say, see you later. Lets get someone else. Someone young like Riquelme, or Pablito Aimar, or someone great like Zizou. Zidane has said he would choose Barca over Madrid. I guess we'll have to see. Also, Minguella, Rivaldo's agent says a deal should be made easily after elections for him to stay.
This elections and its circumstances in Barcelona and Madrid are getting really weird and frustrating!

Unfortunately, it really seems like Zenden has left us for Lazio. :(

And nobody knows whats the matter with the Figo-deal. Figo said he will stay with us, Perez said Figo will join Real.
So one of them lied to us all the time.

Until there is a final decision I will go on admiring and loving Luis Figo, one of the best and most loyal footballers on this planet.
If Figo really joins our rivals, my hope will immediately turn into sadness and anger. :mad:

But Dutch, I don´t hope Figo will suffer a grave injury, even if he plays for Real.
My perfect scenario: Perez was the liar, Figo stays where he belongs and helps Barca to kick Florentino Perez´s a**!
That would be really perfect! :D
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same here, MxPx
I'm not going to believe anything until it's official, I still admire Figo's skills and LOYALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but if he joins Real...:mad:
However, I think Zenden is gone (I hope not)

Anyway, I'll not be here when the final results of election is announced, I'll be away for about 2 weeks. I'm afraid when I come back, everything in the world has changed...Figo, Rivaldo, Kluivert, Zenden, Cocu, etc are all gone, and a load of new players join BARCA.

I think I'm very tired about the rumors, maybe I need a rest and stay away from soccer for 2 weeks.

I don't want to see a big change, all I want to see is that some new and good defenders are coming!!!!!!
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Belgium television announced that Figo is a 'real' Player.
Real still denies this, but the Barca board says that this is indeed a fact.

You make me cry... :cool:
How can you be so gullible?
Loyalty :eek: , your Figo is taking the Mickey out of you all the time.
Free football the next season :eek:
I say it is time for Figo to go. I am not listening to him anymore. It is clear that his agent Veiga organized this deal with Perez. Even if they didn't think Perez would be elected, how could they negotiate with Madrid? This man was our captain when Pep was out??? He kissed our jersey everytime he scored. Now it looks to all have been a facade. He is just a mercenary. Madrid, give us the money, take Figo. We should sign a player that makes Figo look like a regular player, Zizou!! Adios Figo! Hasta Nunca!
MxPx and Flashman are the only real Barce supporters here.
Fifo has not signed JACK SH!T.
For all you know he is enjoying his holiday and waiting for practise to start.
The only reason i see Figo leaving is because of you dumb
fu(ks who dont believe him.
Maybe Perez is still trying to convince him to sign for real and is trying to put pressure on him.
And the media might be blowing this way out of proportion.
Remember if its anybodys fault its Barce's like Cruyf said.
Why should they be the real Barça-fans when they believe Figo will stay? How someone thinks the future will look like doesn't say anything about his or her love for the club. I think Figo will leave, and in that case I would like to see something happening.... There's nothing wrong with that. And if in the end Figo will stay at Barça, I will support the scenario MxPx pointed out.... That's obvious.
I think Figo should tell us once and for all what is going on. It's not right that loyal fans are being messed about. If he goes - I hope Dutch's prophecy comes true, if he stays VISCA FIGO, VISCA BARCA.
Some of you are very funny...if Figo goes you hope he becomes a cripple to never play again(something that should never be wished on anyone) and if he stays well he's the best in the world. If he goes then let's get Zidane the best in the world...:confused:

Figo is a professional footballer. He's considered by many to be the best player in the world at this time (including yours truely) and he should be paid accordingly. The fact that your exiting president did nothing with his contract and Rivaldo's just showed the faith that Barca had in their two best players. If teams are willing to pay his buyout clause and pay him the money for being the best then anyone who would be in his situation would do it!

I hope you keep both players, but if you don't you'll get others to replace them. But Figo gave you 5 great years of tremendous football and heart, you guys shouldn't sh1t on that.

But if Real gets Figo, my oh my they are going to be a handful.
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Well sorry if some of you think that some of our comments make us not Barca fans but that is crap. Polls of Barca socios and fans in Mundo Deportivo have 80% of them saying it is time for Figo to leave for what he has done to us. It's not because he might leave that i am mad. I am mad because of what he has done to us. Using our true enemy to try to get an improvement in his salary and then asking us to pay to get him out of his contract with Madrid which essentially would be paying them for our player. This man was our captain when Pep was out. I and all of us loved him so much. And i feel betrayed as many others do. Yes, it is true that we must give him the benefit of the doubt, but it is also horrible that he would do such a thing to us. No one should doubt that he has a deal with Perez, it's absolutely true. The thing is, when you watch this man every game and you worship him and you put his picture on your wall and back him with all your heart and then he goes to the one team you never would want him to play for. It hurts, bad. So don't accuse us of not being fans for what we say. We are fans of Barca above any player, no matter how good.
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