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No kidding !

Last night I dreamed about YU-Spain, but I just dreamt the first half ! I remember that Jokanovic had a good chance early in the game. Then YU took the lead through Kezman, but unfortunately Spain could equalize before half-time (don`t know who). It was not a good game but YU was the better team and had several chances. Raul disappoined very much. They played this first half from left to the right.

Sorry, I don`t remember the standings in Group C before the game.

I had a dream after Mijatovic missed a penalty that i went back in time when he was 6 years old, and i told him `DONT SHOOT HIGH`

I came back to the 2nd Round and Jugovic took the penalty...

I later found out it was a nightmare

Serhiy Rebrov !!

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