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I don't want to stab you from the back but...

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... do you remember when i said Fiorentina will fight against relegation last summer??? You called me names and said i have no clue about football. Who laughs last, huh...

Anyway i've not come here to offend anyone. So enough of this.

In fact i'm very depressed to see what happened to your great club. It really is a pity and Serie A will be missing you. But it's also a chance for a new start... Players like Gonzalez f.e. have a much better chance to develop if they play in Serie B. And with lots of overpaid stars leaving the wage bill could finally be cut to a normal size.

The truth is Fiorentina wanted to be bigger than they actually are. They were reaching high and fell down hard. But if they do a realistic restart and maybe establish themselves in Serie A again in the coming years the glory days will come back.

Those Rui Costa or Batistuta days are gone - that dinasty has come to an end.

Don't see Serie B as a nightmare - take it as what it really is: a chance...

(As a Rovers fan i know what i'm talking about :D )
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You really summed it up, didn't you? I don't think we ever have to post anything more.... :rolleyes:
Krist Novoselic said:
You really summed it up, didn't you? I don't think we ever have to post anything more.... :rolleyes:
The same problem every time at xtratime... once you say something about another one's team which is not just glory and stuff they feel offended... yor problem though... :mad:
Don't feel bad Rod, Krist specializes in sarcasm and offense. That's his official forum job, and nobody is immune. He does his job very well.

Krist your paycheck is in the mail.

Anyway, Rod, you see Serie B as a chance?????

With VCG still owning the team??????

Nothing has or will change for the team until VCG is gone. No good coach wants to work with him and no good players will be attracted until a serious owner buys the team.
Well, we got Bianchi as President, and I think he's controlling the club using all the resources he got, VCG have long lost his power, his influence within the club. Maybe Poggi and Luna were as close to "VCG insiders" as we could ever get, but that's about it.

The issue we face is mostly a financial one. Under our current circumstances, with no money, little talent within the squad, there is nothing that can attract a coach to us, maybe Ulivieri would accept to come over, but nobody else would do so.

Personally, I think people are exaggerating the VCG thing, he DID make mistakes, fatal mistakes, but that's when he was still the Prez. If these mistakes did harm his status among coaches and staff as much as you all made it out to be, people like Trappatoni and Terim wouldn't have come to Florence. Remember, even these debts were known inside the Viola community for years now. Maybe Rod is right, we did want to be bigger than we actually were, or we could be. Maybe our gigantic expectations were unrealistic for a team this small. Even the CL adventure helped a lot in making us get bigger ambitions than we can actually achieve. And this was driven mostly by the fans expectations, yes, it was driven by US! Remember the CL season, we almsot wanted to get everything, we were tipped for the scudetto, and we actually expected the club to perform in a higher level than it could. Remember that era and answer me, didn't we want VCG to BUY more good players? Didn't we asked him to splash more money in the transfer market? Who drove who towards the disaster? VCG wouldn't have survived both, he either riskes the team's money balance and buy players as the fans requested, or refuse that and have to bear the consequences of being used as the scapegoat by the fans, and tell me which decision did VCG take? Yes, he took the risk, and that's what's any of us would do if he was in VCG's place.

For now, we only have one thing in our plan, and this one thing is a very important thing. VCG can't do it alone. He needs a financial partner. Maybe some of you will ask, who the hell would accept to be VCG's partner? This is part of the exaggeration of course, as I'm sure there are businessmen and companies willing to take such an offer seriously.

Yo Rod! I'm with ya! I wouldn't get offended if someone dissed those eleven crazy jerks who follow that rounded rubber thing in a big pitch! :D
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Hey Ya, good to see you back!

And, Rod.....you suck. Big time. :D
I still think VCG will be the death of the team. He now has a reputation for failure as an owner. He has no track record of being able to get along with anybody. How long did Poggi last? I see that as the future for the team. Constant comings and goings of managment and coaches which will do nothing to lift the team back to Serie A.
Yacoob said:
Personally, I think people are exaggerating the VCG thing
We'll carve that on Fiorentina's tombstone.

I think Humbird is right.

I also disagree that the fans had unrealistic expectations of the club. Given the glorious history of the club, the fans have every right to expect that its owner will do whatever is required to ensure that it remains a contender in the top levels of the game. VCG has allowed the great team of Hamrin, Julinho, Antognoni, Baggio, and Batistuta to become just another second-rate provincial team.
Glorious history?

On the basis of what?

The great players we had? Or the tournaments we won?

I can't see how the fans would base their expectations on our great past when our best era was actually on the 60's of the last century?! Maybe Fio were contenders on many years, but I don't think that we were serious contenders on most of them. Actually I was one of those who thought that Fiorentina were bigger than they actually were. I think we aimed for too much on a very short period of time. Had we taken the harder longer road of building the team slowly, things would have been much different than now.

In fact, if Fiorentina were able to pass through the second group stage of the CL on that year, things would have been much different by now. On that same year, Trap was responsible for much of our trouble, when his dozens of new signings ruined the team's harmony. :rolleyes: So is that too VCG's fault?

BTW, do you have any guarantee that a new owner would clear our debts? What if this new owner forced the team to become a seller team? Would we spend the next 20 years waiting for our debts to be cleared? What's the chances of these debts being present even before VCG was the Prez? Hell, what's the chances that these debts were present even before MCG was here?

A last question, from what you saw of VCG, have it ever crossed your mind that VCG did his absolute best to improve Fiorentina, within the money resources he got?
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Either you will bounce back up, or you can go into freefall in Serie B. Depends on how you take relegation and sort yourselves out.
I was in Florence last August, and I've never seen hostility towards a football manager like that.
Everywhere you went it was "Vattene Vittorio" sprayed on the walls, and obviously those were the 'polite' ones.
I wore a Juve polo one day, and apart from getting a few hostile looks- I struck up a conversation with a Viola fan in a trattatoria, who went as far as saying that even if Moggi and the triad are "plague ridden stronzo's from hell" or whatever it was- at least they knew what they were doing. He made sure me and my friend understood that him saying a good thing about Moggi at the expense of Viola was really awful for him...

Unlike many other Juve fans I guess, I'm sad that you're going down, because losing Firence is simply a shame for serie A overall. In some ways I hope your example will serve as a valuable lessons for the Master of Suspect Economics- Cragnotti (and others), who to me appears to be driving Lazio into the same phlegm as VCG did Viola.
The most important thing when enduring an economic crisis is to identify it- and start acting on it. I suppose pride is a major reason these Italian tycoons do not want to face reality.

Serie B will be tough to swallow of course, but there's not much else to do than build fom scratch. I don't think you will be the only ones to suffer from terrible financial dispositions in the near future though.

Either way- Firenze is too big and attractive a city to not inspire some investors to rebuild the club. Arriverderci.

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