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I dont like the Vieri deal!

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Here it how it goes... Vieri and Jugovic for Salas and Barino and also a lot of cash!

There is no dout about that Vieri are G R E A T and i would love to se him in Lazio shirt again but he seems to change his mind to often and also gets injured from time to time and these facts make me a bit confused! Is it really worth it to go so hard after him?

Salas is not as good as Vieri but he is preatty close and if he can lift himself to an ever standard he will be good with Lopez and Inzagi!

I can se vieri come and Salas go but what about Barino and Jugovic? There is no way that i can see this trade bring any good! Jugovic is not that good nowadays and we have to many foreginers already!

Barinio is the only young talented italian we got and we should be careful with him! The only itailan midfielders we got to day is... Lombardo, Marcolin, Pinzi and Gottardi (but he is better in the defense)and all these players are just players who makes our sguad bigger! I cant see any of these players bring something to our team but i think Barinio can be pretty good the coming seasons!

... based on these facts i muct say that i dont like this swap! I think its better to keep Salas and Barino or maybe try to get Vieri for Salas and someone else because Barinio will become importeten to us, both because he is good and the fact that he is italian!

What do you think about it? Please replay and give yor opion!

Take care!
Jonas L
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I dont like the deal either:simply because i am a fan of inter and would not like to see v32 leave..
Jugovic and v32 is not what lazio needs..\as for Inter their whole lineup would change and personally selling vieri would impact far greater that they think..
It is up to v32 on this deal my thoughts are I do not think his will is to leave..
Good deal??? Bad deal??? U be the judge
Vieri: great goal scorer- Italian- injury prone- changes clubs every year- comes at a huge price (Salas+Baronio+$)

Jugovic: great midfielder with awesome skills and vision- titanesque role in midfield- leadership- won't complain if he doesn't getting a lot of playing time- old- worth selling Baronio???

Salas: undeniable talent- good goal scorer- loyal to Lazio and the fans- lack of form half way in the league- no EU passport.
Baronio: young- talented- Italian- future of soccer- demands a lot of playing time, sometimes too much.

For me, it's a bad deal. Salas is great, he's loyal, and i like him. I want him to stay. Baronio is young, talented, and Italian. We need him.
Vieri is great, but what happens if he gets injured like he did this season??? What happens if he wants transfer next year???
Jugovic: can't complain, he's a fantastic player. However he's not getting any younger and he's had some serious injuries the past 2 years.
That is going to be the downfall of both clubs..i cant stand this wait or so called rumor about v32 returning I think moratti is making a big mistake..
If you change your entire team that is a bad sign...
I also dont like the deal. Vieri isnt that playing that well. Most of the time hes injured and he can only stay for one year. Let him stay with the f*ckin Inter.


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