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Parma IMO looks very good. Atleast on paper. I really don´t understand why some Parma fans considers themselves to be a middle team and not a big team anymore. I think Parma will be a huge surprise for everyone next season. Hell, I think they might be better than Lazio and Milan. :)

Seriously, this Parma team is full of potential and if Sacchi plays the right players on the right position, you´re gonna have a hell of a team.

I´m no Parma fan and isn´t close of having the knowledge about Parma as you guys, but this is what I could really see Parma playing with:





_________Adriano_____Di Vaio

Defence: Young, but talented. I know Ferrari and Gresko well, and perhaps it´s my biasm about Ferrari that make me prefer him than Djetou. :tongue: But Ferrari is class and will be one of the best defenders in the world someday. Bonera is new and versitile. Can play as a central defender but also as a fullback. Should be a starter and he´s full of potential. Get Ferrari and Bonera to work out togheter and you have a very solid central defence.
I know what you think of Gresko. He´s crap bla bla bla. But he´ll surprise you. I can feel it. :)
Diana is a proven very good player. Kicked butt with Brescia for years. Could be his big breakthrough year.

Midfield: The ballwinner is Appiah if I am not mistaken? :confused: Young and talented. Could become a huge revulation.
Lamouchi proved himself last year. No need to mention him. Ever since he moved to Monaco some years ago, he has rocked.
Not too fond of Junior, but if he plays like he did with Brazil in the WC in the only match he got to play, he seems to be rather good.
And Marchionni will be better next season than the previous considering the tactics. Will IMO, be the biggest right winger next season. The new Eriberto. :)

Attackers: This is class! Di Vaio might miss a lot of goals, but he also scores and sets up lots of goals. Adriano is like the biggest talent there is, but has problems with efficiancy and teamwork. He has been in Serie A for some time now, has gained experience and hopefully won´t be so freaking selfish anymore. If that is the case, then just thank us. ;) This attack will shine if they are being effective and can work togheter.
And add Bonazzoli who will contribute to some depth.

Seriously guys and girls. This isn´t bad at all. You have a great squad with lots of potential. I´m predicting you will fight for the CL spots. :hopefull:

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I don't think you can line up a defence, including goalkeeper, with no player older than 24 and expect something better than midtable. If Fabio stays maybe we could have an outside shot at a fourth place though. But even then it would be unlikely.

Appiah isn't considered "mature" enough at Parma and will probably be loaned out. I don't know who will play that position.

I also think they will try to find some room for Nakata next year. It will be very interesting to see how we line up in the Amsterdam tournament in early August.

Marchionni is, despite everything great that's been said about him, a questionmark. And at such a young age he will suffer from periods of bad form.

Junior is also mr mystery and usually starts each season in a horrible way. Let's see how he does now after the world cup victory and everything.

And as I said, Nakata will have a place in our team and he will be one of our key players. He also have some sort of experience, somethin most of the other midfielders completely lack.

The attack is the only thing I consider good enough to make the CL. Di Vaio and Adriano is backed up with Sukur, Bonazzoli and Gilardino. It's not breath taking but it's still not that far from the best, at least IF Adriano pick up where he left last season, IF Di Vaio can repeat himself, IF Bonazzoli and Gilardino drastically improve themselves compared to last season and IF Sukur can play like he did against South Korea and not like he played against Senegal. A lot of "if"s...

Basically our team is full of questionmarks and to be honest I think Serie A is too tough for these youngsters. Too many boys and not enough men. But if we get a good start maybe they will rise with the challenge. For now that's all we can hope for. If we get the same start as last season I think we're doomed...

I think Milan has got a much better squad than us. Especially if you start looking at their subs. And we still don't know what kind of team Lazio will be. And then there are teams like Bologna, Chievo, Atalanta and Torino who could have a strong year as well...

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The team is so new. Not only are most of the players very young, they also have to settle in the team.
Compared to last years usuall first eleven, there's maybe 5 players left. So more then half the first eleven will be replaced with 20-year olds.
Add to that a new coach and you see it isn't realistic to think that Parma can do a good season without any big hick-ups.
The team is full of potential, but it takes a year or two of consistant planning before we have made a real team out of this. I see this season as the start of something new. Last season should have been the start of something new, but all that was lost with all the changes in coaches.
If we keep the team as it is and don't sack Prandelli during the season, we have atleast made a foundation to build upon for the season after the next.
As for this season, I'm happy if we do a better season then last years.
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