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I couldn´t celebrate my 2 years on Xtratime then to see......

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...... Joeyue as our third mod!!!! :star::star::star::happy:

The crazy Interista from wherever the hell he is right now has been made our third mod! :dielaugh::excited:

CONGRATS JOE!!!!!!! You exclamation points freak! :D
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What about some nice gratitude to the CM who helped him out there? ;)

Congrats Joe, I trust your ability to be a great Mod.
That's great news!
Joe has been a regular member here for aslong as i can remember, great that he finally becomes a Moderator.
Congrats, Joey. :proud:
Congratulations man...:happy:

Carson35 3 weeks ago said:
jimmy, r u asking joe to be the mod here?? :D:D:D

i just guess... :)
Good guess Carson ;)

Congratulations Joeyue :cool:
Check your PM too, Joe! ;)
CONGRATS, JOE... :happy: i guess he still doesn't know he's already a mod of this GREAT forum... :D:D:D

FORZA JOE!!! :cool: u were my first choice as our third mod when we wanted to have a third FM...and now, my dream really comes true!!! :cool:
it's happening...

the great wise man once told me if all 4 of the HongKong members becomes the respected moderators, APOCOLYPES will follow within 2 mortal days...
Congratulations Joeyue
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
Oooooo Man....

There is no one better to become Forum manager of this place then the most passionate fan Joeyue...Man congrats dude..me and you dont talk as much as we use to but i know we are mates and i think you will do a great job.
congratulazioni al nuovo moderatore!!!

have fun Joeyue:D
First of all I'd like to thank you guys for all the support u have been giving me since day one!I'm overwhelmed and I really appreciate it!:)

And I promise,I'll not let you guys down!I'll do my best with Timmy and Carson to keep the Inter forum thee best forum on earth as it is now!:)

Be sure of that I'll never be as great as good old Jimmy:D ,I doubt anyone could,but I'll surely try my very best!

Gratitude also to all the CMs,thanks for givin me this opportunity and I know it is tough to decide to make me the mod,:D I'll not let you down!:)

Again,thanks for u guys' support,without your support I doubt I'll be the mod now!:D

Thanks very much!:proud:

FORZA INTER FORUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry i am late, for i had my exams, but i'd still like to take this opportunity to congratulate Joeyue on being appointed as the Inter moderator! Buddy, you sure deserve the spot. ;)

Oh btw, many thanks also to the management team for sorting out the mess. :)

Oh my goodness, another Inter FM from Hong Kong again? :dazed: When do we have that so many Inter fans from our city? Carson, Joe, HK, Da Prez... it doesn't reflect the reality here at all! :eek: We have more fans of Man Utd, Liverpool, Juve, Milan etc., as I observe... :rolleyes:

Forgive me guys! :D

Congrats, Joe! :star: :)


Forza Hong Kong! :star: :dielaugh:
amazingly, we have 4 INTER fans here from Hong Kong...but i can't find a single man utd fan/arsenal fan/milan fan who are from Hong Kong... :D:D:D seems like not many HK people like XT... :eek:
Carson, you should say that most Hong Kong people/football fans don't like surfing on English sites... :eek: Honestly I rarely see my younger brothers surfing on some non-Chinese sites for fun.

It's "difficult" to write in "proper" English too. :lazy: I'm saying that for some friends of mine at different universities! :doh: Probably you know those sentences with "lah" and "lor"; and some of us like writing something like "you're chi sin ga"... I don't think our non-Cantonese speaking friends at Xtratime would be able to understand us that well. :dielaugh:

We're some of the few exceptions! :strong: :lala: Our English is too good! :stuckup: :dazed: :rollani: :D
I'm here!:D What'sup Ammar?!:)
shaine, hahaha, i can't really stand the "lor"s and the "ga"s.
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