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I am still in shock..maybe not!

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I have not posted yet this morning just because of the void I currently feel and all the sh!te my yankee coworkers are giving me although they don't watch the sport 99.9% of the time but I will start with this.....

As we strolled into the Casa Do Benfica at 1:30a.m. pst tons of Pork Chops were gathered, including myself, racing to get the warm bread and a hot cup of coffee. People were anxiously shifting their seats and marking their territories for where they felt was the best possible place to view the match. Things started to erupt a bit before kickoff with some pork chops booing the USA and the national anthem. I couldn't believe some of the whistles I heard.

Finally having enough, I stood up and asked these Pork Chops where they lived? Most of them being stupid said "San Jose." So I aruptly asked where is San Jose? They said "California." Again, frustrated by the lack of brain cells I asked where is "California" located? Finally people said America. I said, o.k. We maybe all Portuguese but we are also American to boo the USA and the national anthem was to me disrespectful. Yes, the USA were are opponent for the day but for almost all the other days we are friends and quite frankly my family moved here because of the opportunity America provided as did these other Pork Chops. After being quickly reminded they abruptly shut the F*** up and got an ass whoopin that would even make devil cringe.

Was I pulling for Portugal? Absolutely. I had my Rui Costa jersey on and a Portuguese flag around me but what we got from the USA was the same thing Pork Chops tried to do USA by disreecting, a big serving of humble pie!

To conclude, here are my thoughts:

The Following Given Their Passports and sent home:

Vitor Baia (Your too old and you just suck :ass: )
Jorge Costa (Same as above)
Fernando Couto (This is not the Serie A, it's the World Cup)
Pauleta (How many opportunities do you really need? I got it. Pretend your playing for Bordeaux)
Joan Pinto (No chao.....ALL THE FRICKIN TIME)
Petit (Don't even get me started)

With all this said, we still have a chance to win the next two games but someone tell Oliveira to get his head out of his :ass: because what was on display yesterday was ugly, disgraceful, and most of all disgusting.

Kudos to the USA, you guys figured out the weak points and capitalized on them. You guys deserved the 3 points and I hope you go far in thing especially since you are my second team to pull for in this tournament......

I'm signing off for now all.....Peace be with everyone...

Nuff said....
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"bless the child that can write his own ryhmes".

I agree 100%.
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