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I am ashamed...take la liga!!!

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I am a Barca fan through and through, but I concede the liga to Depor, even though your form through the runnup to the end of the season has been anything but spectacular. I am ashamed because of news that my proud, honorable club will lower itself to offering a cash reward of 1.2 million pounds to our city rivals Espanyol if they defeat you guys on friday. I am one who would do about anything for Barca to win the league, but i have to say this sort of thing always makes me sick to my stomach. We have had all season to win the league, but have continually stumbled when it truly mattered. now those in charge like (that idiot Nunez) will do such a thing to bring a cup we do not deserve, that despite some shoddy away form, you truly do deserve. So i am pleading to you all to not take this course of action as that of us socios and simpatizants but as those of men in charge who want to go out on top. Sorry......I guess we'll see what happens. Visca Barca i Catalunya!
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Heh, the last time you offered money against us we lost the title. Yet, you are right our last matches are painful, too dull playing for a team that chases its first title. I guess we deserved it more in 1994, but we'll get it now (I hope so). But there is one thing clear- without Djalminha we seem lost. The match against Zaragossa proved this. And he's back, so we've got good chances :) .
i can't see espanyol winning in any way, not even speaking of drawing!
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