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04/30/2000. Dan Petrescu`s Chelsea career is in
doubt after it`s revealed that he left their last
away game in a cab before the final whistle!
Millions of Easter Monday TV viewers saw the
Romanian substituted and get a verbal ear
bashing from captain Dennis Wise as Chelsea`s
blew a lead against Manchester United,
eventually losing 3-2, and it was widely
suggested that manager Gianluca Vialli blamed
Petescu for Dwight Yorke`s winning goal, hence the substitution. Petrescu
however was said to be livid and it`s alleged that the moody Blue left Old
Trafford in a taxi before the game was completed. Petrescu has been away
on International duty this week and wasn`t in the 16 for the Liverpool game
this weekend, however he didn`t help his cause by slating some of his team
mates whilst with his countrymen. He claimed that Didier Deschamps was
the only player at Chelsea who had justified the cash spent on him. It`s quite
obvious that Petrescu`s future at the West London club is, to say the least,
insecure and whilst he`s likely to be near the top of Vialli`s "OUT" list during
the summer, he may well still face an internal grilling at the club and a
possible hefty fine. In his defence for the Old Trafford substitution, he said "I
told him (Vialli) at half time that I had some pain in my knee. He told me to
stay on the pitch". He also played down the alleged taxi incident claiming "I
left the dressing room after having a shower and didn`t speak to him (Vialli)
after the game".

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Well well, sounds like a bad situation for Super Dan. I hope that he works this situation out with Vialli. He has said that he wants to finish his career in Chelsea and continously raves about how much he loves it in London. He even named his daughter Chelsea. It would be a shame if he left now. I remember a few months ago he was rumoured to be leaving because his contract was up, but he signed a new one. So I'm sure that he will make peace with this issue as well.
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