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Hrvoje Custic - RIP

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Oh my god. Last I heard his condition was stable. U pičku materinu i jebeni betonski zid na rubu igrališta i oprva HNL koja to nije uočila i zabranila!!

Ako je preminuo, neka mu bude laka Hrvatska zemlja!
Our league should be just canceled until all clubs have new built, modern stadiums. If that means 2 clubs then let it be. 2 clubs league. I'm so frustrated right now...
piše o kranjčaru??

da nisu debili iz indexa opet plasirali neprovjerenu vijest. :thmbdown:
Maknuli su vijest... al kolko citam na sportnet forumu, samo se ceka... :(

Da majku im jebem sad je taj link prica o kranjčaru!!!!

Index je smeće odd novina, daj bože da je pogrešna vijest, daj bože!
yup the news is removed but a lot of other sources like glas dalmacije and sportnet report that he's in a bad shape and reading between the lines that its only a matter of time before he dies

ps that minimal amount of respect i had for index just dissapeared with this crap
and if this doesn't move someone to do something to improve safety on stadiums nothing will. questions need to be answered for example - should a stadium with concrete wall just 1 meter from the pitch be allowed?
Provjerio sam i na par stranica, Javno javlja da je preminuo.

Ako jeste, neka mu je laka zemlja.
prije 16min.
ZADAR - Nogometaš Zadra Hrvoje Ćustić, koji je u subotnjoj prvenstvenoj utakmici glavom udario u betonski zid, u kritičnom je stanju.

Iako su neki portali već objavili vijest da je nesretni mladić preminuo, liječnici tu informaciju nisu potvrdili.

......bez obzira ovo je tragično nešto prestrašno. :depress:

and I agree with eduardo, the season should be cancelled, what a shame
This should never have happened. That thing they call a stadium should have been banned a looong time ago. There were many incidents.. HNS made excuses for Zadar and now a young player has to pay the price for their stupidity. **** everybody at HNS, NK Zadar and whoever else is responsible for allowing that ground to host any type of football match..

If it is true then may he rest in peace.. How sad..

if he is still alive i hope he gets well, if he is not, damn thats some bad stuff...

somebody needs to held accountable for this
you know if our stadiums didn't have high concrete walls and high fences to protect players from the fans this shit never would have happened. we need to change out stadiums to the english style meaning that there's just a small ad in the way between fans and players.

whats more important after all, protecting players from banging their heads on the wall or protecting players from the fans?
yup, its official now :(

healthy young man died because of idiots... i hope they rot in jail

it will be interesting to see what will happen now, will stanovi get a license for the next season?
Apparently they planed even before to crash 2 stands and build new one... still.. i'd cancel league now and not play it until all stadiums r 100% safe, like they did in Italy last season.
What happen?

What happen?

during the game after some challenge he lost balance and hit his head on the concrete wall which was like directly by the sideline. he lost consciousness and after he was examined by the doctors severa head injury and a hematoma in the brain's envelope was discovered and he was operated immediately and apparently he was stable after the operation, but then somewhere along the way his condition began to deteriorate, he fell into a come and now this morning he died.

That pathetic stadium that doesn't even have licence for third div. killed him...
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