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How will these players develop

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looking through tyhe barcelona site i found this information on the u-13's team.

Barcelona Football Club’s Under 13’s Team plays in the First Division of the Campeonato de Catalunya. Last season, Francesc Xavier Llorens’ boys went all season unbeaten and ran away with their league title scoring a massive 227 goals in 30 games!

The team:

Isaac Becerra Alguacil(Isaac) 18.06.88 Badalona
David Gallardo Rodríguez(Gallardo) 10.02.87 Granollers
Ruben García Vilagrasa(Ruben) 05.04.88 Barcelona

Daniel Guerrero Pozas(Guerrero) 15.04.88 Barcelona
Jaime Hernández López(Jaime) 29.02.88 Barcelona
Alberto José Serrat Martín(Serrat) 07.03.88 Sabadell
Gerard Vallespí Catalá(Gerard) 08.01.88 Barcelona

Arcadi Cebria Romeo(Arcadi) 17.02.88 Barcelona
Robert Franch Illa(Robert) 13.03.88 Canet de Mar
Andres Jimenez Planas(Andy) 28.06.88 Merida-Badajoz
Alberto Molina Rodríguez(Alberto) 21.04.88 Barcelona
Ivan Noguera Mañas(Noguera) 26.03.88 Barcelona
Victor Reyes Cammany(Reyes) 28.04.88 Barcelona
Ramón Sánchez Delgado(Ramon) 15.05.88 Barcelona
Ferran Vila Bassas(Ferran) 26.08.88 St.Esteve Palautordera

Pol Boixeda Rierola(Pol) 05.02.88 Vic
Abel Cabalgante Marín(Abel) 26.01.88 Sabadell
Diego Angel Capel Trinidad(Diego ) 16.02.88 Albox (Almeria)
Adrian Estevez Mendez(Adrian) 16.02.88 Barcelona
David López Castillo(David) 05.02.88 Granollers
Badi López Peña(Badi) 05.02.88 Vilanova
Diong Mendy(Diong) 08.08.88 Santacuroto (Senegal)

now i know they are very young still and have alot of development to make but this is quite an impressive record if you ask me. if these players continue the way they do, do you think we are inline for a golden generation? i understand this is a long way off but it sees as if growing and buying young players is the future with real and barca recently fighting it out for an 11 year old.

hope to here your replys, but it would also be useful if the barca site gave more information like who scored the most goals
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the way for arrive to first team is too long still.
a lot of childrens will not arrive it and only few of them will become a first team player, i don't know if 1 of them will be a star
time will say
impressive results, but NRK is right. They are very young (as you mentioned) and the development of a player is pretty unpredictable and can stop at any moment. That even goes for player who make it to the first squad. Look at Gabri for instance...

In any case, it's save to say it's better to have a good u-13 selection then a bad one. that's for sure and therefore it is nice so hear these results.

I'll tell you in 12 or more years. Just wait for my post about that.;)
Re: How?

Voyteck said:
I'll tell you in 12 or more years. Just wait for my post about that.;)
i don't know if i would can wait that time, i would wait impatient your post in 12 years
The time has come

Well, 12 years have passed, and the only players I know from this list are Isaac Becerra, who plays in the second division of Spain, and Diego Capel, playing at Sporting Lisbon

Haha, i only knew those two also.

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Well it was the 87 generation that turned out to be the massive success.
When I saw the thread title and me starting it, I thought someone hacked my account.

Wow, 12 years ago...
I really hope Voyteck is gonna come to this thread on the 28th at 13:41 and tell us what the **** is going on with those kids, else I'd be seriously pissed.

We've been freaking waiting forever, man.
Ok, ok, so I might be a little late with my review, but a promise is a promise and you'll see it was worth waiting.

I did write 12 years or more, though.

Prepare yourselves for it.

So, here it goes...

Unfortunatey, they were all crap.
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