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How we should act in the transfer market

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Crespo will probaly leave so a good replacement is needed, all names i heard so far where jardel, montella, recoba and a probable south amerian youngster
I think(wich i said ofter) we could also go after a striker of a little forgein club like Nonda from Rennes or Cathana from Malaga
they have proven themselve worthy
Also i heard about a probable swap between Crespo and Kovacevic but i think this is unrealistic.
Bonazzoli should be bought and benched along with Di Viao.

About the goalkeeper position it's easy, if lazio buys peruzzi we don't have to worry losing buffon, if peruzzi or toldo doesn't comes we might see buffon leaving to lazio
if thats the case we should buy frey, or maby Kralj of PSV a good keeper and not very expensive.
Otherwise maby we can get Dudek or Moens but i think these 3 are out of the question

About the defence it's simple if cannavaro and Thuram don't leave we only have to buy 1 good central defender, maby Laurensen from verona or gammara of Atletico( :))!
I think Materazzi of Perugia would be a very good choise!
we really need the solidness that Apolloni
i don't think we should start whit lassissi yet, better loan him out.
Sartor and Torrissi should be on the bench.

About the midfield a long story, right wing still not a problem Fuser can play there for a year otherwise Stanic is on standby, left wing a dillema should we play micoud there and bench bennarivio and Vanoli or should we use micoud in the ceter as playmaker?
I think we should use him as a left-winger and sell Vanoli because he's not really played good this season.
I think we should play with 3 central midfielders if we use micoud on the left otherwise it will be to offencive.
Alex is than bought and used as a bakup, dabo and appiah benched, maini and breda sold
and play with Bolano and Boghossian in the middle, Baggio should be sold.
Thats only leaves one position over almeyda seems unrealistic.
Sousa and Walem should return 2 their clubs.
Serena needs 2be sold!

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We can sign practically noone unless Tanzi decides to invest like Cragnotti and Moratti.Until then we'll have Marchegianni as a keeper and Vanoli as a left midfielder.

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
I have a rather clear strategy.

#1. Get GREAT deals for Crespo and Buffon!

#2. Get a superb sweeper kind of defender to play between Cannavaro and Thuram, who both should stay.

#3. Sign Frey, Peruzzi, Abbiati or Dida as replacement for Buffon.

#1 includes these two deals. Crespo to juventus for Kovacevic and O'Neill. Buffon to Lazio for Almeyda.

Willem, I fail to see why Kovacevic and Almeyda would be unrealistic. Kovacevic won't play much for Juve as fourth choice striker behind Del Piero, Crespo and Inzaghi. The same goes for O'Neill who will "only" be a cover for Zidane. Almeyda is out of favour with Eriksson at Lazio and will leave anyway. If Tanzi says: Give us Almeyda and you will get Buffon I'm pretty sure that Cragnotti says yes.
Gnagnagna...Inzaghi will leave Juve,not Crespo...

Why would almeyda or Kova want to come to Parma? we get rejected by Brocchi...

Parma will fight back...FORZA PARMA!
Amoroso, please stop that or I will get really mad at you. Take a break and come back when you're relaxed again. If you give up now you don't deserve better than what you say will happen...
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