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How the **** is Galatasaray

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GS had played good football. But they couldn´t be champion of Turkey 4 years if the refries weren´t for GS.
GS spend all the money to the Turkish Football Association and the Turkish refrees. So they need much money now.
I don´t say that GS had played bad football. They had played very good football. But they could be champion because the turkish refrees are for GS. I don´t know how much they earn from Galatasaray. Four years ago in a Galatasaray - Istanbulspor match was the xtratime exactly 7 minutes and at the 97th minute the refree ( i have forgot his name ) gave a penalty for GS and so they could be win 2-1. Or the refrees don´t gave so much penalty´s for Besiktas Istanbul.

These are only the rights

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really funny story...
is it your own or did you copy it from somewhere? :D
true story kadri,
unfrickinfortunately the refs do favor galatasaray over other teams. But, this year that will not matter, it is time. time for agony, defeat and sadness...
of course they favor us!!

ýf u were as succesful as we were, they would favor u then.

just sýt down and stay down. we are always the best and wýll always be the best.
They also know who's the best Carlito,but it's very difficult for them to accept the truth!
u guys r funny
noone can deny refrees protect gs sometimes but they got the uefa cup i just admit we didnot play enough but it is unluky that many of ur stars were *******s like segen,alpay they are just greedy pigs if thet stayed we could beat gs all the way.i did not add oktay cos i still like him
hey guys land to earth.dont be so funny.we are the best in turkey thats the simple truth.try to do something except bull****.kintazi u could not beat us when u had alpay and oktay.we became champion thatb time
we have beaten u many times squzzy and this year with scala i cant wait till then i wanna watch the match with u
kintazi dont be alzheimer.u forgot we beat u so many times more.watch it with me and see the result
we ll see it together kanki.digitürkle telsim birleþmiþ bizde seyrederiz
ayýp ettin kanki
Can i join u guys?:cool:
ooppss!!! don't forget me ;)
sure gelin beklerim yalnýz carlito þu jardel için heriflere yalanma kýzýyom sana mal hepsi bu portolularýn
although i'm a GS-fan I think it's kinda suspicious. Did Sukur get a yellow card once last year? I don't think so. But then again he has a great personality. very rare between footballers.

Comon guys, Give the turkish fa some credit. They just want succes. And Galatasaray were the perfect candidates. Our first year with Terim started very badly. We were like 8th after 10 matches. Nobody(including the FA) were protecting GS then. They managed on their own strength.

I hope you don't too much about this issue. Just the quality of the game is enough.
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