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How Many Players will we have at the World Cup

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Potentially, Gary Neville, Butty, Scholes, Beckham and possibly but not probably, phizza, for England.

Veron for Argie

Barthez and maybe Silvestre for France

Keano and possibly O'shea for Ireland

thats all I think of for now. Any others?
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Forlan might make the Uruguyan squad. But I think you've got the whole lot. United has got to be quite proud that it can have so many squad members who are as well highly-respected internationals.
Yeah thats about it (What about Wes Brown?), still a good figure....

Considering the great players missing out:

Ruud van Nistelrooy (Holland)
Ryan Giggs (Wales)
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Norway)
Ronny Johnson (Norway)
Forlan Is one of the Players who are going to WC

He is Awsome!
Fortune - South Africa
Forlan will probably make it into the final 23 for Uruguay though he'll be more of a fringe player and I doubt whether he'll get much playing time at Korea/Japan.
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