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How long we will be without Forum Manager?

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The forum is becoming bored and the season is near to end, I think that if we have not FM soon this forum will be dead.

Apart from that we are not growing, Treefingers I pray for your return
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I agree with you Bio. This forum is slowing down. The first thing we need is a moderator to bring back the enthousiasm in this forum.

I don''t know why it's taking so long to choose a forum manager. I hope that a forum manager is chosen when I come back from my holiday next week.

And for Treefingers, I still find it very strange that he is gone. I definitely have hope that he'll return.
The problem is that now, at the end of the season there can be made polls to make the forum more exciting that way people will post more, but in summer the Basque soccer is not very active, so the forum will slow down even more.
I see what you mean. I hope some of the deciders read this thread as well so that they can see that we really need a forum manager.
Sorry to keep you guys waiting. We have been discussing the possibility of candidates in the last week or two. I will see if we can come up with a viable solution today or tomorrow.

We really appreciate your patience. :)

That's OK OSF :)

We'll be patient:angel:

The only thing is that I probably won't be around if the decision is made because I'm gone for 1 week.
yeah some polls would be nice!

i think if you ask anyone around here,they would say bio and oseas should be manager , its a done deal so lets get it on already
We only have a minor detail to work out and then we'll make it official. ;)
Do you mean the payment of the moderators? :D :D
Finally the rulers care about us ;)
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