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How long does it take Arg win World Cup

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I think there's no problem for Argentina to be among the top five in the world, but they're still far from being the champion of World Cup, at least teams like Brazil and the Netherlands are a little bit greater than them in my opinion. :)

Argentina has no doubt a world-class midfield but their defence really worries me. Many think that Argentina got a good defence or even the best in South America. It seems that other teams usually don't score much from them. But why? It's just because they have good midfielders to control the game. The domination of the games of their midfield entirely covers the weaknesses of the defence and very seldom will the defenders experience real test.

Their performances in the recent two games with England (WC98 & Friendly2000) have led to the rise of two strikers of the opponent, Owen and Heskey. Before the game with Argentina, Owen is solely a young player and not noted. However, after scoring that brilliant goal, his reputation rised a hundred times but why he can't score as brilliantly when facing other teams? That's due to the fact that the defence of Argentina is not that firm, so when facing fast strikers, their loopholes will be exposed. There's no assurance for them to beat others with dangerous raid power or fast forward. Just recall how they were eliminated by Romania in WC94 and how panic they were when facing England in WC98, then you will know why. :) :)

Chamot is the only defender who I think is okay in the current team. Sensini is experienced but also old and slow. He can't stop strikers with high speed like Owen and Overmars. Generally, their defence is simply overrated and with the current defence, Argnetina is not capable to win the WC. :(

Regarding the forward, I like Argentina¡¦s traditional centre break style of attacking but they lack strikers like Rivaldo, Amoroso, Kluivert, and Van Nistelrooy who have great breakthrough abilities and are good assistants of their partners and these qualities are what Batistuta, Crespo and Palermo lacked. They are so weak in dribbling and passing and always depend on members' passing. :(

This is the lineup that in my opinion can win the World Cup!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

GK <Searching>
DF <Searching>--<Searching>--Chamot--<Searching>(Zanetti)
MF Redondo(Almeyda)
MF Veron--Gallardo :)(Aimar/Kily)
MF Ortega(Gallardo)
FW <Searching>--<Searching>


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It’s true that Batistuta and Crespo can score many goals in the Italian League but it doesn’t mean that they are very best forwards. My ideal forward is one who not only has scoring ability, but also great assists. This requires good passing and dribbling skills but these are what they lack.

EclipsE: I don’t agree with you when you said Batistuta and Crespo passing and dribbling is ok. They always wait to be finisher, to score but not doing anything else like to assist???

Why had Fiorentina such a low total number of goals even though they had the “best striker in the world”? :(

Although Roma’s Delvecchio, Totti and Montella’s shooting are not as great as Batistuta, yet they can assists each other, thus the total no. of goals of Roma is much greater (total 57) than that of Fiorentina (total 48). :(

Why the attack of Holland and Brazil are both greater than Argentina? :( It’s because depending on Batistuta cannot increase the total no. of goals of the team. :) :) :)

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Hey Man,

I want to clarify one thing. I'm a 100% fanatic of Argentina.:) Actually, I really hope they can win the next WC, but I see some problems in the team so I wanna bring them out and let everybody know.

I hate Holland and Brazil but I have to admit that they have something better than ours.

I won't keep saying that Argentina is the best blindly coz there would not have any progressions if everybody thinks that they are the best.

jrzi:"Holland has never won a world cup" ???

Please do not go into history. What I am talking about is the current team. Have 86's Maradona, 78's Kempes....come back ????

Please give some evidences for your points.:(
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I repeat the current Argentina is only among top five but still far from being World Cup winner.

EclipsE and jrzi : I hope you would answer my question and evaluate all my views.

Why the attack of Fiorentina is weaker than Udinese and Roma http://www.raisport.rai.it/mcalcio/1999_2000/a/ even though Fiorentina have greater midfielders Rui Costa + Batistuta + Chiesa + Mijatovic but Udinese has no world-class players like “Batistuta?
My answer is: Batistuta can't assist. He becomes the hero himself but the attack of the team is very weak is a fact.

Link :

Show Brazil stronger :)


Any statistics can easily prove that the attack of Brazil is greater than that of Argentina so much. It's not necessary to waste time in arguing this point.
And Holland, I think we can find the answer in Euro 20000

I'm dissatisfied with Batitstuta, Crespo and Lopez because they can't create attacks as dangerous as those of Brazil. (ref. to the above statistics)

Argentina's defence is by no means stronger than those of the Europeans and EclipsE, you agree to this too. Their attack is again weaker than the Brazilians? So, how are they going to win World Cup?:(

Argentina tends to use their traditional centre break style of attacking even against teams firm and strong defence like England (WC98)(only goaled with P.K. and F.K.) However, Batistuta and Crespo are unable to practice the centre break attack because they can't score/assist like these

http://www.raisport.rai.it/mcalcio/1999_2000/a/e002957.mpg (very good passing and assisting)
http://www.raisport.rai.it/mcalcio/989a/r04r/022361.mpg (very good passing and assisting)
http://www.raisport.rai.it/mcalcio/989a/r04a/020891a.mpg (personal breakthrough abilities)
http://www.raisport.rai.it/mcalcio/989a/r01r/020891.mpg (very good dribbling)

Only strikers such as Rivaldo, Amoroso, Edmundo, Kluivert, Van Nistelrooy, Bergkamp..? and Raul are suitable for this style. I think the attack will be increased by 40% if Batistuta + Lopez + Crespo are replaced by the above any three.:)

Some goals are added

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