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How long does it take Arg win World Cup

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I think there's no problem for Argentina to be among the top five in the world, but they're still far from being the champion of World Cup, at least teams like Brazil and the Netherlands are a little bit greater than them in my opinion. :)

Argentina has no doubt a world-class midfield but their defence really worries me. Many think that Argentina got a good defence or even the best in South America. It seems that other teams usually don't score much from them. But why? It's just because they have good midfielders to control the game. The domination of the games of their midfield entirely covers the weaknesses of the defence and very seldom will the defenders experience real test.

Their performances in the recent two games with England (WC98 & Friendly2000) have led to the rise of two strikers of the opponent, Owen and Heskey. Before the game with Argentina, Owen is solely a young player and not noted. However, after scoring that brilliant goal, his reputation rised a hundred times but why he can't score as brilliantly when facing other teams? That's due to the fact that the defence of Argentina is not that firm, so when facing fast strikers, their loopholes will be exposed. There's no assurance for them to beat others with dangerous raid power or fast forward. Just recall how they were eliminated by Romania in WC94 and how panic they were when facing England in WC98, then you will know why. :) :)

Chamot is the only defender who I think is okay in the current team. Sensini is experienced but also old and slow. He can't stop strikers with high speed like Owen and Overmars. Generally, their defence is simply overrated and with the current defence, Argnetina is not capable to win the WC. :(

Regarding the forward, I like Argentina¡¦s traditional centre break style of attacking but they lack strikers like Rivaldo, Amoroso, Kluivert, and Van Nistelrooy who have great breakthrough abilities and are good assistants of their partners and these qualities are what Batistuta, Crespo and Palermo lacked. They are so weak in dribbling and passing and always depend on members' passing. :(

This is the lineup that in my opinion can win the World Cup!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

GK <Searching>
DF <Searching>--<Searching>--Chamot--<Searching>(Zanetti)
MF Redondo(Almeyda)
MF Veron--Gallardo :)(Aimar/Kily)
MF Ortega(Gallardo)
FW <Searching>--<Searching>


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4-4-2: I agree with most of what you said. I've been thinking of the same thing myself. The fact is Argentina's defense isn't all that good, it's average. But the main reason why Argentina doesn't allow many goals is because their midfield as you said is stopping the opposition from even starting an attack! Argentina has some of the best defensive midfielders in the game and some great two way midfielders as well (Simeone, Almeyda, Redondo, Zanetti, etc). Hopefully Samuel will become their force in the centre of defense.

However, I don't agree with you whatsoever when you say that Argentina's forwards are weak and can't dribble. I'd like for you to watch some Crespo or Lopez goals, they sure can dribble. Perhaps Batistuta isn't that great of a dribbler but that's ok he finishes like no other.

The midfield and attack posses some of the greatest players in Europe at this moment so that should be no problem for them. Actually the only problem should be who to put in, since there is so many great midfielders and forwards that can't all start at the same time.

In conclusion, this is a good topic 4-4-2. One that I was going to bring up. :)

almeyda+parma: You are way to optimistic. From Argentina having the best defense in the world from your player rankings following the Bolivia game. Your defense is by far not the best in the World. You think you can actually compare to the defense of France, Italy, England, Netherlands? I think not!! I'm not trying to start anything here, but I think you are way too bias towards Argentina sometimes.

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almeyda+parma: I didn't say that your defense sucked against Bolivia. I said you over ranked most of the players. Plus how could you give your defensemen a 7 rating if they only had to contest with 1 freekick!? That means that the Argentine defenders didn't have to do anything, which doesn't deserve a 7 rating.

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4-4-2: I said Crespo and Lopez are good dribblers and Batistuta is ok. I agree that Bati isn't that great of a creator as well, but he makes up for it with finishing. And I think Lopez is a good passer if he has to be watching Valencia games. Also, don't forget that Ortega plays slightly behind 2 Argentina forwards (most likely Bati - Lopez) and he is a good dribbler and a decent passer. So I see no problems with the attack what so ever.

And I don't know if the attack of Holland and Brazil is better than Argentinas? I don't know how you know either. At the WC Argetina and Holland had roughly the same amount of goals. And if you look at the current WC qualifiers Argentina has more goals than Brazil has.
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