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How long do we lose JVP?

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Word has it that JVP has been banned from all football until a decision is reached on his punching of the ref. I fear we might lose this guy for good. It's too bad the players can't lose with some dignity. They acted like asses at Euro 2000 and the same thing happened here. I understand passion and the disappointment, as I felt it myself, but give me a f*cking break. The man is not a petulant two year-old, is he?
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I don't know if Fifa can ban him for domestic games , but uefa and international games he will!
Maybe this means 4-4-2 for the season!
__________Jardel-Niculae:D ___________

If we sell Tello (linked to Arsenal) we should put alot of our efforts to getting a good left footed player!
All the talks of Jardel and Viana have gone quiet so.
I say keep Viana , let him play CL and next season we sell him for twice the price that they wan't to sell him now!
Players who should be sold are:
and so on
Barbosa as a great servent as he was is just slowing down the development of potential stars!
Well Viana's gone :mad: , Jardel looks as he is staying for certain:D .
JVP looks as if hes suspended and Cruz does not know where he is!
We've just lost our two most creative players so we are going to buy for sure!
defensively a good signing whould be "Marques" the captain of Mexico he really impressed me!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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