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I'll start with Parma...

------First team ------------------ Second team-----------

_______Amoroso___Salas______--______M'Boma____Di Vaio______

Here I will grade the team, from 0 to 10.

Attack: 8, would have been a 9 with Crespo still with us.
Midfield: 8, will be alot better than what we had last season... Although not as great as Lazio's or Juventus.
Defence: 9, no need to comment any further... :)
Goalkeeper: 10, IMHO the best! And still young.

Overall rating: 9, a title contender. Just a small step behind the very best. But nothing an out of form Zidane or Veron wouldn't change... :)

Second team: 7, this team would be playing at Bologna's level. ie, mid table.

Well, of course not all transfers are a done deal yet. Lembo and Conceicao are the two outside shots in these lineups. Cirillo and Brocchi apparently prefer to be third hand choices at Inter instead of second hand choices at Parma.

I would also like Micoud to play instead of Almeyda or Bogho behind Alex too. My secret dream is that Di Vaio outshine Salas and take his place. I believe that Amoroso will once again be one of the very best strikers in the world this season.

I would be grateful if you could make similar lineups of your favourite teams.

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_________________ Perruzi _____________

__ ***** __ Couto __ Nesta __ Pancaro __

_ Conceicao _ Baronio _ Veron _ Nedved _

___________ Crespo _____ Lopez _________

Attack: No doubt!! #9
Midfield: Still one of the best amont "seven sisters" #8.5
Defence: I still don't get it, why Lazio is not trying to buy any defender #7.5
Goalkeeper: Peruzzi, Carini, Marchegiani, what a combination :) #8.5

Average: #8.375 = Scudetto 00-01 :)

I dream on:

_________________ Perruzi ___________________

Toricelli __ Nesta __ Cannavaro :) __ Pancaro

__ Figo _____ Fiore __ Veron _____ Nedved __

____________ Crespo __ Lopez ________________

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Well olimpico,

Roma might have the best team on paper, but just as you believe that Roma have the best team, Lazio fans are convinced that their team is the best. And so are Inter fans, Milan fans, Juve fans and Parma fans... :)

All six of these teams have almost perfect teams on paper. The trick is to make them perform like a team. In Roma you have two unhappy players in Montella and Nakata. That could cost you dear I'm afraid.

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here's the possible northern giant's 3-4-1-2 ...

Del Piero Inzaghi


Davids O'Neill Tacchinardi Zambrotta

Iuliano Montero Zanchi

Van Der Sar

A few deals seems ongoing, most notably Cassano and Athirson. Maybe even Anelka though Trezeguet's move renders that unlikely. The midfield looks simply awesome!! And not forgetting quality of juve's youth team, the dynasty's build to last!!

2nd Team

Trezeguet Kovacevic


Pessotto Conte Maresca Birindelli

Tudor Paramatti Ferrara


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Well Im proud to have to represent Inter, I believe we might have one of the brightest futures, Lippi is going to stick around, we have only gotten stronger, and the group of players that Lippi and Moratti put together last year, his going to be more comfortable and used to each other.
Therefore, MARK MY WORDS! Inter will win either the Scudetto or the Champions League!!! Im leaning more towards the Scudetto, the CL next year will be tougher than last years. So anyway heres what Inter will probably look like next year:
-----------------Vieri-----------Recoba------------------------All.---Marcello Lippi !

I love the look of the 3-4-1-2 and the bench is deep with names like ?Sukur?, Cauet, Cirillo, Ferrari, ?Zamorano?, Ferron, Di Biagio, Robbiati and Lombardi and probably Gottardi.

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---------------frey--------------- first team

subs : ballota colonese zebina georgatos cauet di biagio zamarano recoba

goalkeeping : talent that will last for long with lots of agilty and speed 9.5

defence : great can control games but with one problem panics and end of game 8.2

midfield : argubaly the best in italy with speed and lots of talent 10

att midfield : also a great pairing with all the talent and skill needed likely to split defences apart 9.8

attack : the best in the world inter's key to winning matches 10

bench : the most talented and will be a very important part to the scudetto 9.7

the whole team : defense should improve and then we will have a legendery team 9.9

great contenders

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Agreed AMO :). Our dear Inter friend is (in my opinion ofcourse) grossly overestimating their team.

On to Juventus- Chinq didn't leave much, but let's just say that Athirson looks very close, while there will propably not be anymore purchaces for next season. Other big buys are deposited such as Cassano, Fiore is a big posibility for next season etc. etc.

I just wanted to follow up on the gradings:

Goalkeeper: Van der Sar. I don't think he's quite as good as Toldo and Buffon, but as he's definately one of the best it must be OK to give him a 9.

Defence: We haven't got the individual defensive skill of Thuram, Nesta or Cannavaro. We have Montero though and paired with either Iuliano, Ferrara, Tudor, Zanchi or Paramatti we will bolster a steady reliable 8,5-9 in all competitions.

Midfield: Best in the world (with Athirson). The sound of Zizou, Davids, O'Neill (Conte, Tacchinardi) Athirson and Zambrotta....:) Individually only Zizou and Davids are perfect 10's but as a unit it will be close. Conservatively speaking 9-9,5.

Attack: Biggest question mark. Will D.P ever be the same again ? Will Pippo stay ? Can Kova make a big impact as a regular ? Will Trezeguet prove to be a great purchase ?
Lots of questions and possible starting line-up formations.
Possible scenario- D.P will be back- we're rocking :).
D.P isn't back and Ancelotti doesn't bench him- we're in troubble. D.P isn't back and he's benched- we'll do fine.
Gradings 7- 9. Who knows.

We will be relying on midfield. If the attack can convert on the chances certain to come I don't see anyone capable of beating us.
Especially because I think we're the most balanced side. Lazio has the most explosive line-up and will definately be in it for real, but I think they look EXTREMELY vulnerable in defence.
Parma could do it.... Many new faces who will have to gell. Big question mark.
Roma- Like Spain. Underachieving lot, but they will propably play the most attractive football in the league again.
Milan- HA :).
Inter- Impossible to predict. they have the players to pose a big threat, but I just can't see Inter go all the way, apart from possible CL glory if Ronaldo comes back in form after Christmas. Vieri-Ronaldo is the best looking forward pairing on paper and the rest of the team is more than decent too. But they may as well do nothing.


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Depends on future purchases, obvisously Athirson or another left midfielder.

Van der Sar
Zanchi/Ferrara Montero Iuliano
Zambrotta O'Neill/Tacchinardi Davids Athirson
DP Trezeguet/Kovacevic

If no Athirson then Conte on the right and Zambrotta on the left.

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Juventus 2000 / 2001

-------------- Van Der Sar -----------------

Zanchi ------- Montero --------- Iuliano

------- Davids --------- Tacchinardi -----

-- Zambrotta ---- Zidane ---------- Athirson/Conte

----------- Trezeguet -------- Del Piero

The best midfield. The most reliable defense. The only problem is scoring. If Trezeguet can do what he did for France, we will be top 3 for sure. And to all Juve fans, let's not give up on DP, he will be back to his best this next season.
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