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How is it possible ?????????????,

How is it possible that a team like Sampdoria , is not even in the top 5 of Serie B????????????
They have one of the greatest stadiums of Italy ( L.Ferraris) , the have some good players in the past , Lombardo, Sereni, Manchinni, Veron(?) , Palmeiri, Montella(?) ... why aren't thy not fything for promotion???????????????

I can't understand

I hope that you guys have some more luck next year , because La Samp is not a Serie B team.

ps : They are interested in a player from the Belgiu League, his name is Filipovich , he is a good midfielder who is playing for Lommel

were can I find some pics of the stadium L Ferraris

see you

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HI cedric,i perfecly understand your feelings cause what's happening to sampdoria it's not understandble,it's incredible.

In theese years many things are happened.
When we went down to serie B we were hated by journalists and by the directors of the matches.

Do you remember Trentalage that directed Bologna-Sampdoria?
He admitted that he's a supporter of Genoa.But this was just an example.

Now we have many players that in serie A,some years ago did very good matches,they went to sampdoria and they found a paradise in genova.Fantastic supporters,a house on the seaside,and especially a very big pay,the greatest of serie B,and obiouvsly,they were dressing the most beatiful shirt of the world.
Theese players fought only the first year of serie B for serie A,and they arrived 5th.Napoli went to serie A that year,I still think that Napoli is quite favourite by the journalists.
By the way.
Theese players slowly understood that they stayed very well in Genoa,and they began to don't put honour in the matches.
Theese players,I'm talking especially about Possanzini ,Vasari,Conte,Luiso don't run in the matches.
Don't give honour to their shirts.

Now,more ,we have mr.Bellotto leader of this bored and boring gruoup,that he's not able to train the players,and their choises are horrible:possanzini on the defence and more,like a young player like Iacopino that can't play.Strada and sanna often left outside the stadium.Bellotto loses the matches and he says that he doesn't know the reasons.
I trhink that a trainer is payed to understand the problems of a team.He doesn't understand anything.

The journalists of the city of Genova are ALL supporters of genoa and so they are happy of our situation and often they speak about their hopes of a sampdoria in C.
The journalists are against us.
Especially against the supporters ,there are a lot of incredible articles about violences never happened.They have no dignity.I don't read the newspapers of Genova.
Try to understand:having journalists that support you is important,we have nothing.To understand you have to look at the italian politic situation.....terrible.

About the past:Enrico Mantovani,believing that the only important thing for a president of a team is having a good monetary balance,and a lot of money,and no debts,sold all the players you rembered:Veron,,Montella,Chiesa,Lagle,Mihailovic,Boghossian,and others,and he bought"cate","cordoba","palmieri","tosto",and we finished,obiouvsly in serie B,in that fatal match of bologna.

Look at the other presidents of serie A,they have many debts but they are winning everything.

But now the societary situation is solved,there is Garrone that took the team at the middle of this year.

But all the rest isn't solved.The players have no honour,Bellotto is stupid.The jounalists hate us.
we are 2 points before serie C,than the hell.

Next sunday we are going to play with Messina,it seems that director of the team will be Trentalange,that wants us in C,like all the supporters of Genoa.

This is our situation.This happened so this has been possible.

I trhank you for your words,but our situation is tragic.

Mancini after 15 years left us to win something with Lazio,looking at the downing situation of samp.i didn't know anything about Filipovich,but thank you for the news.

You can find photos of ferraris in the sites genoasamp.com www.armatablucerchiata.com and many others.

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Thanks for the information.

I really hope that you guys will win the game against Messina , because Sampdoria in serie C , that is really not normal !!!!!!

I wich you good luck , and If I have some more details about that Filipovich tranfer I will post It

Best Regards Cedric
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