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How good is MLS really?????

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I am from Europe i know and see how good the biggest leagues in Europe are i even see alot of games form Premierleague, Scottish league, Serie A, Primera in Spain, French League, Belgian league, Bundesliga in germany, the dutch league in Holland, the scandinavian leagues except the Finnish league and the icelandinc one.

I even see some few things from the Leagues in Brazil Argentina and the southamerica in general.
They report more from clubs like Sao paulo than they report from MLS league.

In fact i know almost nothing of the league wich players is good any new talents from the clubs youth team at all.

so i have wrote together a asking list wich i hope you can asnwer me on.

Okay here we go go

1 Wich team have the most fans in general (even outside their own home state or city.) ??

2 Wich of the teams have the best youth from the own club

3 do the clubs have B teams in the way we have in Europe like Barcelona B. There younger players can play their way thru to the A Team??

4 Do the clubs have a well fuctioned infrastructure like many clubs in the highest level have in Europe.

5 Do the Clubs in the MLS have official supporteclubs backed up by the motherclub??

6 How is the league structure now or do they plan to have two leagues with possible relegation to a division lower like we have in Europe??

7 Is the interest for MLS increasing or decreasing??

I think i had more questions but i maybe take them later.
I hope you can answer me on my questions

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MLS, better than what was around in 1995. Personally, I think the level of play does get a little better each year.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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