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How good is Maxi Lopez?

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Lately, there's been lots of rumours in Italy that Maxi Lopez has signed a pre-contract with Milan. Is this true? If yes, when will he come join Milan?How good is he? In which position does he play?

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I presume then than Maxi Lopez sucks big time and no one knows him, seeing the response this question i had...:eek:
Anyone care to say how much he sucks?:tongue:
San Siro_1,

Most of the times I watch River play, I dont see him play because there are others that are more established than him. I did however see him and Cavenaghi start the last game against Belgrano which was his birthday and I liked the way he played. Even though he got caught in offsides, he really is a talented player and needs alot of playing time in order for us to judge the guy as anything.

It's really funny thinking soon enough, people would want us to tell them how some of these kids are just after they are born.:D

The only reason why these clubs want these really young players is because they think there might be a chance they will become great. It's not for the purpose of putting them right into the first team or even on the bench. Players like Maxi lopez and Cavenaghi will not do any help for any big european club until they at least get 1 or 2 years of regular starts in their own league.
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Maxi Lopez was born on the 3rd of April 1984. He just celebrated his 18th birthday. He's blond ( ;) ), he's a forward but as Triz said, he's not established yet (due to his young age), players uch as Ortega have priority. And Fernando Cavenaghi partners Ariel most of the time, if I'm correct...

Anything else to add, guys? I'm also interested in knowing more about Maximiliano. :)

Btw, I totally agree with that last paragraph of yours, Triz.
he played great in the last U17 wyc. some great moves and goals.
but he hasnt had played enough time in the first division yet.
a good prospect. damn river :mad:
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