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I must admitt I didn't rate this guy at all before this season, and even when we recalled him from loan. But I think he has been great considering the role he has played, back up striker. He is young, fast, good in the air and gives us that extra spark when he comes on. I don't think he is a definate starter, but I don't want Juve to sell him. He appears to be enjoying his role and I say we should keep him. I think that Amuroso should go if anybody goes he is weak, not too old but alot older than Zalayeta, and he can't score open goals anymore. I say we get rid of him.

I think that with Del Piero, Trezegol, El matador and Zalayeta we have a pretty good attack, but I think that Mutu woulkd be a great inclusion aswell. He can be backup for our Skipper the Golden Boy of Italian soccer and true number 10 of the Azzurri, and not that ****ing piss head spoilt brat Totti..... sorry I got a bit emotional there, I'm OK.

Del Piero, Trez, Salas, Mutu and Zalayeta. A great mix of talent

Can anyone confirm that we already have signed Mutu. I will be very happy if so.

+ a question out of the blue. Should we have 3 or 4 defenders? What formation for the team?


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I don't think its official yet but we are pretty close. There is a rumour that we would buy Tristan but the price is crazy.

I think we should play with 4 defenders.

Whether we we like or not, Juve will sell Davids and I think they will sell Tacchinardi. I mean, we already signed Baiocco and we are getting Brighi back from loan. We will end up signing Dacourt I think and Doni for the midfield.

We will sell Carini and get Scarpi.

We MAY sell Thuram but we would end up with either Stam or Cannavaro. We will probably buy Fresi aswell.

I think it is likely that Juve will play the same system. i.e






_______TREZ/MUTU________DEL PIERO/SALAS____

Here we would sell:


We would buy:

...and we would get Brighi back from loan (no cost). So I don't think we would spend THAT much money.

Things to consider:

If we sell Tacchinardi, it would most likely be to Milan. In exchange (and with cash) Juve would be interested in either Gattusso or Rui Costa.

If we sell Davids, its most likely Arsenal, Lazio or Roma. If its Arsenal, we would try our fantasy, Vieira or Ljunberg. If its Lazio, it would be either Stam, Mendieta or Crespo. If its Roma it could be Candela.

Also Conte and Ferrara probably only have one more season in them. Terefore another defender and right side mid must be in Moggi's mind. i.e Ljunberg?, Fresi?

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he is a good back up for trezeguet. mutu is juves, theres no doubt about that.

those five strikers would be good enough i feel, plus we can bring in guzman and pericard who are ready for the big time now.

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zalayeta is a good player with a lot of potential, but he needs to continue his development in the next season, if he doesn't i think we should sell him
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