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Hey everyone.. Im new to the forum. Wolves fan/season ticket holder here :thmbup:

So Baggies, how do you rate your chances of staying up?

I must be honest that after the Villa game I thought you could do it, but things dont look too good for you now. Out of the bottom four you have easily the hardest set of games, although I can see you getting 3 points vs Pompey seeing as they'll want to relegate Southampton ;)

I for one wouldnt mind if you came down. Not just because your our bitter rivals but we need a decent Midlands derby at Molineux again!

- Nix

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Very hard.

Very very hard.

A win (ROFLMAO) against the deposed champs on Monday would see us nicely out of the drop zone.

But I just cant see us getting any points other than maybe 3 agaisnt Pompey on the last day. I'd say 90% sure we're going down. The Rovers game was the must win, we didn't so thats it. :(

Next year it will depend on who we keep but I think we'd all expect us to win the league if most the players stayed. Under Robson we'll play footy and the style will keep us in the Prem, just a shame we didn't get rid of GM pre-season.

We're playing some of the best footy now probably since the great 70's side.

Common link -> Robson !
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