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How do you rate NEDVED?

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I just wanted to know what you guys think about Pavel Nedved? How do you rate his first season in Turin? I give him 9/10. He played pretty crap when he was played as a winger, but since he has been moved to the centre as our playmaker, I think he has been the best player in the comp. I am going to start threads like this about all the players, so can you just answer these standards questions please?

1/ Do you think Nedved will be here next season?
I think he will, for sure.

2/ What is his best position?
Centre Playmaker (Zidane role).

3/ What position do you think he will play next season

4/ Who else do you think we will buy for next season, who is, or plays the same position as Nedved? eg Doni, D'aless, Riquelme

I think we should buy Doni for next season, and play him on the left, and leave Nedved where he is. Doni can be our back up playmaker if Nedved is injured, suspended or rested.

+ a question out of the blue. Should we have 3 or 4 defenders? What formation for the team?

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Agreed on all points Toni :) - even if I'm still a little bit hesstant on Nedved's defensive commitments (like him playing the left wing with a 3 man defence behind him for instance. But he is tops, and has shown so since he got accustumed to Juve.

Same on Davids. The Juventus midfield has two superstars. Nedved and Davids. The others are simply good bordering very good, and I hope all the rumours about Davids leaving are just that- rumours.

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