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deklong said:
So oleguer, is not a good player!
One question about spanish players.

Why spain products many , many top world defensive midllefield players(guardiola,xavi,helguera,bajara,mendieta,etc...) and no good center back(the last one for me was nadal, 5 or 6 years ago)?
That strange, spain school teach how to be a great marathon man, but not how to be a great defender?
False, Oleguer is not that bad as some of you are saying. He's not Puyol, but he's not a bad player. Maybe Barça could have a better center back, but he has enough level to play in Barcelona's first team. Maybe not as starter, but he could be a good back up. In any case, it's his 2nd year as Puyol's partner in Barcelona's defense and I would rate his performances as good.

Personally, I don't feel unsafe with him in the back... I recommend you to see Frank De Boer's matches in his last 2 or 3 seasons in Barcelona. That's an unsafe defender... even Puyol was unable to close all his mistakes.

About the Spanish central defenders. You're right. The hole left by the best Hierro, Nadal and Abelardo is really big. Puyol is a good central defender, a top class player, but Helguera is far from being a top class defender. Puyol adapted to the new position without a problem, but Helguera is a midfielder reconverted and he has never reached a great level.

I really trust in the Atlético Madrid central defender, Pablo Ibáñez. This guy is class, a really good player (and tall, as you like them). A defense with Puyol, Pablo and Del Horno sounds quite good... we still need to see another right back, since Salgado's form is poor lately.

Anyway, you're right... we have 10000 good midfielders and 3 good defenders... and whenever you want we can start to talk about the strikers. Can't Spain have a player like a top striker? I've seen many supporting strikers (Raul, Torres, Butragueño, etc.), but when a great striker? A 9?
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