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How do we rate our squad?

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These summoned players yesterday to Formello.
PORTIERI: Angelo Peruzzi (70), Luca Marchegiani (66), Francisco Scotti (83).

DIFENSORE: Francisco Colonnese (71), Giuseppe Favalli (72), Giuseppe Pancaro (71), Emanuele Conti (81), Maurizio Domizzi (80), Emanuele Pesaresi (76) George Santarelli (81) Peter Varriale (81).

CENTROCAMPISTI: Roberto Baronio (77), Ivan De Peña (76), Guerino Gottardi (70), Lombardic Attilio (66), Pavel Nedved (72), Andrea Luciani (81).

ATTACANTE: Alen Boksic (70), Simone Inzaghi (76), Fabrizio Ravanelli (68), Emanuele Berrettoni (81), Daniel Ruggiu (81).

On 25th of July:
Sinisa Mihajlovic, defender (69) and Dejan Stankovic, centrocampista (78).

On 2nd of August:
Defenders Fernando Couto (69), Paolo ***** (72) and Alessandro Nesta (76).

On 5th of September:
attacking Hernan Crespo (75), Claudio Lopez (74), Marcelo Salas (74) and centrocampisti Nestor Sensini (66), Diego Simeone (70) and Juan Sebastian Veron (75).

There are 33 players, Are we ready for this season??
According Laziomania, We'll be without our Argentinian players in Friendly games :(
There are several question that I'd like to ask, If we've signed Carini, why he was not at Formello yesterday?
Emanuele Conti, sounds familiar for me, does he relate to Bruno Conti? :)

I'd rate:
Goalkeeper: #8
Defense: #8.5
Midfielder: #9
Attacker: #9
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Starting line up ratings

Perruzi 7
Pancaro 6,5
Nesta 8,5
Mihajlovic 8
Cannavaro 8,5
Nedved 8
Veron 7,5
Stankovic 8,5
Simeone 6,5
Crespo 9,5
Lopez 9


Crespo 8
Mihajlovic 9
Lopez 9

Free kick

Mihajlovic 10
Veron 9
Nedved 8,5

Corner and dead ball

Mihajlovic 9,5
Lopez 8
Nedved 7
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i don't like peruzzi

hi !

i'm the big fan of lazio but i am so sad to know lazio bought peruzzi as their goalkeeper, i would like if toldo as the goalkeeper. I think peruzzi is too fat !
is lazio sure that crespo can do well in making goals ? vieri is still the best. I also think cragnotti makes lazio as argentinian team. He should think for italian national team, he's making the progress for argentina national team but destroying italian national team. Italy doesn't have good players for midfielder cause the clubs in serie-A always buys the midfielders from outside. I think pirlo the best playmaker in the future if he gets a lot of the experince for playing in serie-A specially if he plays for the big club.

niks - Indonesia
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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