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What a game !

First of all, I think that was the best thing that could happen to us in this tournament. When we played in France, we smuggled us through against Iran, Germany and USA in the weakest group of all. Then we were suprised by the strength of Holland.
This time it is different. We have nothing to lose now. Slovenia now know their strength and the faults they had made against us. The will also do fine against Spain.
Did you really expect we thrash them. The were better than Greece and the Ukraine in the qualification. The led 2-0 in France ! This is not a team of amateurs. Perhaps we are well of with the draw.

The next game:
Norway had beaten Spain, but both they didn`t play very well. We can beat them. I remember Norway in USA 94. They also won the first match against Mexico and then lost to Italy and Ireland and went home. Also in France they were very moody with lucky draws against Scotland and Morocco.

What must change:

Milosevic for Kovacevic:
(I think I don`t have to give reason for that !)

Kezman for Mijatovic:
(Let them both run 50m dash and you will see ! I cannot understand why Boskov did not brought Kezman from the start. Let Mijatovic rest on the bench. When he comes as a joker, than perhaps his lack of fitness is compensatable !)

Komljenovic for Dudic:
(To me Dudic is not the one to blame in defence, but the lack of routine he has doesn`t go with lack of fitness of other players !)

J.Stankovic for Nadj:
(Nadj is no left-back as we all know, J.Stankovic deserves a chance, as he knows how to make free-kicks and crosses)

Djorovic for Mihajovic:
(Let him mark the Norwegian striker and Djukic organizes the defence)

Stojkovic for D.Stankovic:
(D.Stankovic is totally out of form. It looked like he was 35 and Piksi was 21, yesterday. Then, Piksi is more creative than Stankovic and can organise the game.)

Cicovic for Kralj:
(Cicovic is much better in getting crosses than Kralj is, and crosses for Carew or Flo will come in the game against Norway)

So we will find slowly,

Jugovic, Drulovic, Jokanovic and Djukic should start again.

Your opinions, please !

SuperVic >

Here is what we are dealing with:

1st: Attitudes were supposed to be changed!!! Coach Boskov thought he could do it w/o professional help: shrink! Well coach Boskov?

2nd: Coach Boskov tried v Slovenia to sneak in Nadj to cover Drulovic's back on the left line, while D.Stankovic was supposed to help-out Dudic on the RB position. He wasted 2 midfielders in the wrong position to cover himself of a BIG lie that he solved the RB and LB position. Let me remind that the only players who play RB and LB position on regular basis are the 2 rookies from Red Star Dudic and Bunjevcevic. Nadj never played LB and didn't coach Boskov say that D.Stankovic should play more in the central supporting midfield than on the right line???? But who would play on the right line????
Katanec may look like a Donkey, but he ain't one!!!!
He totally read Yugo weaknesses that others probably will explore: Komljenovic, Djukic, Djorovic, Saveljic ALL central defenders!!! The only way to cover LB position is to have Drulke play LB, but then put J.Stankovic on LW. The RB can be covered by Komljenovic with D.Stankovic working the right line,... who else is capable of working the right line???

3rd: Mihajlovic and Kovacevic came out to box (da sh-ibaju zelene) instead of playing footy. Mihajlovic is out for v Norway and Kovacevic should be benched.

Assuming they realized they have to PLAY FOOTY, IMO the team v Norway should be:






But thankfully I'm not the Yugo coach


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Yeah... there were serious flaws in the line up and I really wanna go through it. :)

Dudic: Rookie. He did an OK job, and also made mistakes. Sure, he needs a chance and all, but this is the Euro 2000 and you can't mess around. He needs to be replaced by Komiljenovic.

Djukic: The only consistant defender in the game. 35 and still kicking butt. Needs to start against Norway for sure.

Mihajlovic: He deserved a place in the starting line up, but after his performance... my god. Free kicks, corners, brutaly bad. And then he gave them a goal. And to top if off, gets himself sent off. Should be benched, and with his red card, he is. Give him a chance vs Spain.

Nadj: He is a left back? Hello? Where was Djorovic? I hope he's not injured because we need him vs Norway.

D. Stankovic: I was soo disapointed. Both him and Miha were very nervous and angry... not used to losing with thier winning Lazio. Still though, should be used vs Norway. He has the talent.

Jokanovic: He was pretty good, fouled a lot though but should be used again.

Drulovic: Wow! Amzing player. Worked very hard, scored a goal and set one up. Definately should be used again.

Stojkovic: He should have been made captain. Like Djukic, 35 and still kicking butt. When he came in, things seemed to have gone for the better.

Jugovic: Made some nice passes and dribbles and should be used again.

Mijatovic: Showed glimpses of greatness, especialy with the pass to Drulovic and should be used again.

Kovacevic: Terrible game, but I still like him. :) He is used to Zidane and Del Piero putting the ball right where he wants it and this was not the case, since we don't have those players. :) I think he needs to be given another chance. He can play very well.

Milosevic: Scored 2 goals. Wonderful! But I don't see what all the hype is about. The two goals were tap ins that ANYONE can score. He didn't do anything specatular, but vs Norway, should be brought in if Kovacevic or Mijatovic are doing poorly.

As for the game vs Norway, make some changes, but keep most of the team together. Here's the line up we should use:

(D. Stankovic)----------------------------
---------------------(D. Stankovic)

We need height against Norway to head out their crosses. Those four are pretty tall. Jugoslavia has the dribling and passing talent and need to play their game down the middle, not on the wings. They tried the crosses and long balls and it didn't work. It was dribling and passing what got us the goals.

Wow, a big big post, but heh, that's the point of a message board, to share your opinions.

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Why would you want to see Mijatovic start again? I can honestly say, I only remember 1 (ONE) time he received the ball and didnt fall over. It really annoys me... 4 out of 5 times he gets it, he falls over giving away posession (unless there is noone within 15m of him). Also, like Supervic said, Kezman is much faster than Mijat, so I would much rather see the Milosevic-Kezman combination against Norway.
As for the Slovenia game, there is nothing to say that everyone doesnt know. Overall, Yugo is the most frustrating team to watch anywhere. They have so much potential but noone _really_ wants the win. If a team like Australia had players the quality of ours, they'd probably be close to the best team, if not the best team.

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Well I was surprised as well than Stankovic were invisible in the match. But later I was informed that he wasn't fully fit going into that match, and that explains it I guess. And since Deki haven't played that many games with Lazio (which I regret) I wouldn't say he's too used to winning.
Yup perhaps Milosevic should start, but his goals weren't something spectacular, I admit. Typical Milosevic goal, being the goal-poacher he is. Zahovic's 2 goals were (slightly) more impressive. Still, had Milosevic not been introduced then perhaps Yugo would end up losing.
The good decision Boskov made in that match seemed to be only the substitutions! ;)

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Kezman must play !!

So far now, it seems, that the most discussion is made about the starting line-up in attack. I come from germany and a big sport paper today estimated a Kezman-Milosevic front with Mijatovic central back. They questioned why Kezman didn`t start from the beginning against Slovenia. They saw Mijatovic much weaker than Kovacevic who is now the blacksheep for Boskov. They said Kova was much fighting and had the only good chance in the first half, why Mijatovic was just falling around. They mocked that with his only good scene (2-3 for Drulovic) he had used all his energy for and therefore was substituted later.

But one final word:

KEZMAN must play. I haven`t seen much of his playing until Tuesday, but in 10 minutes he seems quicker, faster and more dangerous than all of the other strikers we have. His style is those of many young players of this EURO. It`s a modern football style. Give him at least the first 45 minutes to proove his talent against the slow norwegian defence. Also Norway will concentrate on Milosevic not scoring, so Kezman will find spaces for his runs. Go for it !

How can you attack w/o proper setup in the midfield. Dominating midfield is the key to success in this tournament! Did anyone see Portugal v England?

I'm sold on Kezman, and Yes Mijatovic plays like a dogg lately. Maybe both Kova and Mijat need to be benched v Norway and together w/Mihajlovic by watching their mates fight Norway, maybe would spark some motivation.
But I'm mostly concern with the right line, providing on the left line we have both Drulovic and J.Stankovic. I've heard Drulovic is as good as he is in offense, good in defense, while J.Stankovic is strictly offense w/killer crosses and free kicks what might be needed in Sinisa's absence. Right line must be solved, especially if D.Stankovic is not fit. We saw Dudic's ability, we don't have Mirkovic to come from the back, I'm asking who, who do you think would be good on the right line? Pikse is good for 60' but not on the right line, maybe he needs to start just to make sure everything is conected, but with whom do you replace in closing time?
Defensive midfielder: Slavisa Jokanovic is a lock. His subs can be both Nadj or Govedarica.
Right midfielder: Pikse? D.Stankovic?
Supporting midfielder: Jugovic - lock
Left midfielder: J.Stankovic? Drulovic(but who on LB)?
I think we are gonna miss Grozdic.

And at the end let me repeat: Djorovic is not a left back, he is a central defender on the left. Komljenovic, Djukic, Djorovic all central defenders, who is going to defend the back lines???

Lookin' fwd to your opinions


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Komljenovic could play this right back or right midfield position. Please remember when he played in France 98 against Germany on this side. I think we were not trashed.

If Norway do not change their style of playing extremely, what is not the thing to expect than they will play their stereotype kick and rush think, and then, the left or right back is not the clue to the game. Those positions will be more relevant against Spain with Salgado or Mendieta threatening this positions.

The good thing about the Norway game is, that if we lose, we can still beat Spain and entering the second stage.

Where is your optimism, friends. No team there, really no team is more experienced than our team. This 3-3 wonder-thing did only happen to Germany in their glory days. All papers show their respect for our teams fightback with 10 man !

Come on, let`s be brave and beat the Vikkies !!!

Komeljenovic Djukic Djorovic

D.Stankovic Jugovic Stojkovic J.Stankovic

Milosevic Mijatovic(Kezman)

miha out

we must do only one thing: SAY GOODBAY to miha.before the game with slovenia he was my favourite serbian player. but now i hate him. everything is ok when he play for lazio.but for the national team it is not. he told boskov what to do.why don`t he advise ericson. malo sutra.he scored for slo, and after that red card. SRAMI SE P....!
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