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How about youth talents?

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Instead of just thinking about whom we should buy (or even worse, whom we should sell) why don't we discuss about youth talents instead?
As in, who looks promising from our youth team, that should play for our main squad next season, or at least, be on the bench? Or perhaps, those young players of ours who are on loan this season? I realize that some names have been mentioned...
I think a quite good example is Leeds Utd...so many young players there -almost all in their early 20s or younger, save 2-3 players! Today the outcome is not apparent yet, but in a few years time they will mature. It'll be good to have another player like Nesta (to draw another parallel: Maldini?). Especially since our team is doing quite well now, it seems that we can afford to experiment some youngsters.
And what do you think of our youth system? Has enough been done to nurture the young talents, or...?
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I agree with you ,but we should use and youth from abroad,not only Italians...Ronaldinho is very good.... :+)

that is a good idea but at this stage we can not afford to play the youth players as they will cause us to not play as well as we can

when our team gets older and we are going to restructue we can start using these youth players and buying some younger polayers

it would take 2-3 seasons to make a very good team with youth players in serie a and then you would have to add some older better players to the squad

at this stage though we dont have any youth players of very high calibur...the best being pinzi but i cant see him playing too much yet

isnt baronio our only player on loan??

and about leeds i think that they are a good team but if u remove harry kewell from the team they would only be mid table

this season only concetti pinzi and cinelli from the youth team have been in the squad
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Youth players is very important for LAZIO's future. a few good players that lazio can buy:
Baronio, Pirlo, Pozzanzini, Riquelme, Ronaldinho, Aimar, etc.
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