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Does anyone know young selfmade Parma players, because if the FIFA is gonna put some restrictions on EU players or chance some transfer regulations parma will have to get players from the youth, the only one now is Buffon i think, or Cannavaro and Benarivio also or maby somone else?

P.S. has anyone a prediction about the match (sunday?) against Udine i think 1-0 but it is gonna be thingt(remember last year!) we are a bit lucky that udinese has a lot players injured: Turci and Locatelli are defenatly out but i also think that Genaux isn't in a great form so Alberto might replace his.
I hope Amoroso(no not you!) shows somthing good again but he will be probaly have a hard game against his old team mates.
Do you think Walem will play, or will we use again Baggio, i think Bolano as right winger and Sousa, Dabo, Walem(Baggio) and vanoli
I doubt Milanese would choose Sartor over Benarrivio in the defence.
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