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hope Eriksson will stay 4-ever

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I dont think there is a better coach then Eriksson.

He can make all the big "stars" in LAZIO work together as a team.

I´m sure there are other coaches who can make a team work together...but not in the same way Eriksson does!!!

What do you guys think...

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I agree with you totally!!!

Siempre Eriksson !!!!
FOrza Lazio!!!!
Yeah, "Svennis" is the best coach in the world, much better than Trapattoni and the other.

Forza Eriksson
I agree with you, but perhaps 'forever' is too long ;) Let's just say...at least 4-5 seasons ahead (even with that I'm already too optimistic! Teams change their coaches so often)
Eriksson at the moment is a good coach.He will become a great coach only when we win lo scudetto!!!!
I hope Cragnotti will stay forever...
C' e' solo il Presidente...Viva Cragnotti...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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