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I'm going on holiday at the end of the month. Flying out on the day Athletic play Real Madrid - hoping to take in 3 games in the 10 days I'm over there.

Does anyone have any tips for places to go and things to do in any of these cities?

Does anyone have experience of getting tickets for a big game at San Mames? I've been reading up online and most people say tickets don't go on sale until a couple of days before hand - am I likely to be able to get my hands on one on the day of the game in the city or should I bite the bullet and pay the extortionate fees from viagogo and sites like that?
(I've checked Atheltic's website and no ticekts available there yet).

What about at Anoeta? (Real Sociedad v Bilbao is on when I'm in San Sebastian - would love to see it) - anyone know what likelihood I'd have of getting tickets for that one?
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