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What is going on with the game?
Players are being arrested or taken part in some unusual off field hobbies, Drinking in access, and smoking what ever they want
Gone are the days when you would see Gazza and Jack Charlton Fishing on their days off

At this rate Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea and the rest can forget the title next year
H.M. Prison FC is going to sweep the lot.....we may even have enough English players in their to put out a national team . Think of it no away games for obvious reasons so no travelling fan trouble. a new sports label , with arrows of course, no prima donna's since all players will only be a number, better ball control since all players will have their own ball attached nicely to one leg, and fitter, stronger players with eating a proper diet no illegal substances or drink and in bed, lights out by 8.00 pm . This could be a good thing if we can only try and have some of our better players run into trouble with the law !!!!!!!!!

If any one would like to say hello visit my website
All Friendly fans are WELCOME
Keep supporting your team, good football, and this great game.
It's ours Anyway

Best Wishes from NEW ZEALAND
:cool::happy: :)
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