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Donati is one of Nevio Scala's old players during his time at Parma, he was in the the Parma's promotion team, Coppa Italia 92, played in the UEFA Cup, Cup Winners'Cup, he was a regular in Parma's first season in Serie A but lost his place when the club bought Antonio Benarrivo from Padova. He was a right-back but was very defensive, unlike Di Chiara and Benarrivo.

Born on 18 January 1958, in Darzo(Trento)

1975/76 Riva del Garda D
1976/77 Benacense D
1977/78 Benacense D
1978/79 Benacense D
1979/80 Benacense D
1980/81 Bolzano D
1981/82 Padova C1
1982/83 Padova C1
1983/84 Padova B
1984/85 Padova B
1985/86 Padova C1
1986/87 Padova C1
1987/88 Padova B
1988/89 Padova B
1989/90 Parma B
1990/91 Parma A
1991/92 Parma A
1992/93 Parma A

The full interview is in this link



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