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I am gathering information for a website about ultras, barra bravas, and torcidas from around the world. If you would like your group to be included please fill out the questions below. Thank you.

Nombre del Grupo:
Política: Derecha/Izquierda/Apolitica
End/Curva/Section: Norte o Sur?

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You are asking the impossible, I will give some barras names, then they are really brvas, so you may find lots of clubs websites with their chants, but I'm not sure an official website, half of them are in trouble with justice, and the political? I'll give an example of how impossible is that in Argentina, you may be familiar with a party call Peronismo, the one formed in the 40's by Peron, Evita, well, was/is a political party that had even in their first times, but mostly in the 70's from ultra left wing peronistas, to ultra right, and everything else in the middle, take this kind of stuff as usuall in any argentine, as individual, you will know why we never are a predictable country.

Nevertheless, mostly barras bravas are used by Political parties as an strike force, not few even involve in plain criminal activities, no few mad fans.

Boca: La Doce, fragmented since main members are in jail and in constant change of chiefs..

River: Los Borrachos del Tablon.

Racing: La Guardia Imperial, but in Racing you can find the most real grou of fans that goes everywhere, that chant a lot, and not involve in criminal activities, at least few years ago: The Racing Stones, mostly middle class young fans, that have no few problems with the heavy boys of La Guardia Imperial.

Search the internet, almost 2 of ten club fans make their own website for his club, so won't be hard work if you have some somebody that knows spanish to help you, btw there are some books about them too, and even a documentary from the BBC, the barra brava term sadly is from here, and with english hooligans are the worse in the planet, so in both cases are plenty of info in Internet surelly about them, better than asking us, don't take this like you were bothering, just that at least me cannot help you too much. I hope was some help.
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