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hierro to leave? Anelka to AC

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is this true with Roma in the hunt?

Anyway can anyone confirm whether AC Milan have really bid for Anelka?
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Hierro is gonna stay, I'm pretty sure of that. Anelka is probably heading for Juve and we're getting Zidane (well,Ok, that's what I'm hoping for - no one wants Biehoff, despite the fact he is a great guy:))
here we get to the point.
that is what i want we get ZiZou for anelka+cash deal
but juve wont buy anelka now
they have already bought trezeguet they also have kovacevic, inzaghi, del piero too many too much.
Yes we have officially made a bid for Nico. We offered Real
35 Billion Lira+Bierhoff for Nico...
And it is also believed from very close sources to Milanello
that Nico will be coming to Milanello to pass his medical exams next week...
Lets wait and see anyways, you never know...

La victoire est en nous...pour toujours!
hmmmmmmmm.....it is not really a good price for us...
Yeah...if there's any truth to this, then Milan are dreaming! What's 35B lira? Anelka was worth twice as much just last year. And who on earth wants Bierhoff?! I bet no one is interested in buying him so Milan try to offload him by including him in this ridiculous deal. Ha! And didn't I hear that Berlusconi's one of the richest men in Europe? Seems like a cheapskate to me!
can someone convert 35blira to dollars please.

and anyway we dont want bierhoff how about jose mari whom they bought from atletico.
I as gonna ask the same thing:D And to San Siro - we've jeard a lot about Berlusconi from you, so why now when he finally wants to buy someone he makes such a crap bid? Isn't this odd? A month ago you said he could buy the whole team if he wanted!ROTFL! Anyway I am really worried, because since it's now official Milan are bidding we're in trouble. Let's face it - Bierhoff is useless in the Primera:mad:
35 Billioin Lira = around 28-29 Million US $.
Well 28 Million US + a great forward who happens to be the best header in the game is something one can safely call a bargain or a great deal for Real!:):):)

Also for your info people here's the top 50 wealthiest men in the world published by Forbes Magazine in June 2000:

1 Gates, William H. III $60.00 Billion USA
2 Ellison, Lawrence Joseph $47.00 Billion USA
3 Buffett, Warren Edward $28.00 Billion USA
4 Allen, Paul Gardner $28.00 Billion USA
5 Alsaud, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal $20.00 Billion Saudi Arabia
6 Albrecht, Theo & Karl and family $20.00 Billion Germany
7 Walton, S. Robson $20.00 Billion USA
8 Son, Masayoshi $19.40 Billion Japan
9 Dell, Michael $17.80 Billion USA
10 Thomson, Kenneth $16.10 Billion Canada
11 Ballmer, Steven Anthony $15.50 Billion USA
12 Anschutz, Philip F. $15.50 Billion USA
13 Bettencourt, Liliane $15.20 Billion France
14 Quandt, Johanna and family $12.80 Billion Germany
15 BERLUSCONI, SILVIO $12.80 Billion Italy
16 Arnault, Bernard $12.60 Billion France
17 Redstone, Sumner M. $12.10 Billion USA
18 Kluge, John Werner $11.90 Billion USA
19 Kirch, Leo $11.50 Billion Germany
20 Li Ka-shing $11.30 Billion Hong Kong
21 Murdoch, Keith Rupert $9.40 Billion USA
22 Takei, Yasuo $9.30 Billion Japan
23 Bertarelli, Ernesto $9.10 Billion Switzerland
24 Kwok brothers, Walter, Thomas, Raymond $9.00 Billion Hong Kong
25 Rausing, Gad and family $9.00 Billion Sweden
26 Lee Shau Kee $8.60 Billion Hong Kong
27 Haefner, Walter $8.30 Billion Switzerland
28 Turner, Robert E. (Ted) $8.30 Billion USA
29 Karamehmet, Mehmet and family $8.00 Billion Turkey
30 Olayan, Suliman $8.00 Billion Saudi Arabia
31 Slim Helu, Carlos $7.90 Billion Mexico
32 Pinault, Francois $7.80 Billion France
33 Persson, Stefan $7.70 Billion Sweden
34 Schwab, Charles R. $7.50 Billion USA
35 Rausing, Hans $7.40 Billion Sweden
36 Johnson, Abigail $7.40 Billion USA
37 Saji, Nobutada and family $7.10 Billion Japan
38 Premji, Azim and family $6.90 Billion India
39 Tsai Wan-lin and family $6.70 Billion Taiwan
40 Ambani, Dhirubhai and family $6.60 Billion India
41 Sidhu, Sanjiv $6.50 Billion USA
42 Marinho, Roberto and family $6.40 Billion Brazil
43 Landolt, Pierre and family $6.30 Billion Switzerland
44 Otto, Michael and family $6.30 Billion Germany
45 Halley, Paul-Louis and family $6.30 Billion France
46 Ito, Masatoshi $6.20 Billion Japan
47 Bezos, Jeffrey P. $6.10 Billion USA
48 Mccaw, Craig O. $6.10 Billion USA
49 von Siemens family $5.90 Billion Germany
50 Kerkorian, Kirk $5.90 Billion USA

Berlusconi, Silvio age: 62 Italy

Claim to fame: Former Italian prime minister and media tycoon. Recently chartered a yacht called Excellent to conduction another election campaign.
Latest moves: Son Pier Silvo was promoted to vice president of Mediaset, the Italian television and communication company in which the family owns a 50% stake. Shares are up 57% this year on strength of its telecom holdings. Berlusconi's spokespeople deny rumors that he is planning to take public the family's winning Milan AC team (what does this mean ???).
For fun: Cabaret singing on his yacht.

US$12.8 Billion. Self made
Hometown: Arcore, near Milan
Married, 5 children

Berlusconi is also ranked the 3rd richest man in Europe. BTW he is still the wealthiest in Italy.

La victoire est en nous...pour toujours!
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The main problem being not a single one of those people are from Spain:mad: Or a naturalized Spaniard like me...:D Anyway I think the deal from Milan may not be that bad, just look at Juve! They want to make US pay for ZiZou...!:D:D:rolleyes:
35B Lira is nowhere near $28M!!! It's more like 17-18. That is certainly not enough and adding Bierhoff isn't really adding much. How much is his price in the market? I doubt it'd reach $10M after his horrible season and at his age.
I check the converter, $1US=2041.4Lira (dwMB is right), so the price that AC Milan give us is toooooooooooo low!

About the Italian clubs' president, I admit that they are richer, and willing to spend their own $ on the club, but it doesn't mean that they will spend all their penny to buy the players that they want! If you wanna read more sensible discussions about this matter, I suggest you go to Parma Board to read Amo's post about it, which is under a topic named "Roby Baggio to Parma?".

Anyway, it won't be a deal, never worry about that.....
If it's 18 mln than Berlusconi can spend that on a dork like Marcelo Salas, but not Anelka. Nuff said:D
Labas, Salas a dork?I Don't get it!
Can you elaborate on that?:)

La victoire est en nous...pour toujours!
What is there to elaborate? I just think Salas is a very average player. Nothing more.
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