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Hello Juve fans. Well I haven't posted here in quite some time (A good thing or a bad thing for you I dont know). I just had some questions for you guys.

1.What happened to Bachini this year. How come he didnt play that much? Was he injured? I heard rumours of him goin to Fiorentina. Are these true?

2.Is Trezeguet really coming? I heard that Moggi officially stated that he was.

3.If Trezeguet does come does that mean the imminent departure of Inzaghi or Kovacevic?

4.Whats up with Daniel Andersson? I heard he had signed an agreement with Juve. Now theres talk of him possibly going to Fiorentina?

5.How does Juve play with 3-4 strikers so effectively? I mean Inter always seems to have an over obundance of Strikers where as Juve generally play Del Piero, Inzaghi, and Kovacevic.
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You are the only person on this planet who is an INTER fan as well as a JUVE fan!!! It is the equivalent as being a Barca fand and a Real Madrid fan!!!


1. Bachini? I had heard rumours about him going to fiorentina, but haven't heard anything for same time now... I don't think he is happy here at Juve either. He didn't play I think because there was too much competition: Tacchinardi, Conte, Pessotto, Birindelli, Zambrotta...

2. Trezeguet: I am 75% sure that he is coming, since the Juve site said today that Moggi had said that he was already signed. That was good news at the beginning, and then I went into footballtransfers.co.uk and the thing on Trezeguet was in unconfirmed speculation, although it said that the deal was almost done. then in zoomsoccer.com, I read that Trezeguet was never going to wear the Juve shirt, because Moggi would use him to buy Crespo from Parma.

3. Both Kova and Inzaghi have chances of leaving. Napoli is interested in Kova, and Lazio in Inzaghi. I think Kova is more likely to leave.

4.Andersson? I think he's about to sign with Fiorentina.

5. That's a question I can't answer, all I know is that Inter is a money wasting machine:) (mutu, Ronaldo, Zamorano FARINÓS-what use is he?!)

you are welcome Inter.juve Fanatic, it was a pleasure anwering your doubts...
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Thanks for the answers supergeo. About Farinos, I have NO IDEA why Moratti bought him. The price for him was ludicrous. Maybe Moratti knows more than me and I might have to bite my tongue after next season but I doubt it.
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