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O.k I did like this guy to start off with but then anything was better than souness but as the season has gone on I have not liked his arrogance some of his tactic choices and the way he has treated some of the portuguese players like maniche.
But I have heard recent rumours that not only the fans want him out but he could be on his way out. I also have to question his commitment as when he was linked with germany he didnt deny it.
Well as much as i dont really like him I dont think he should go as then the new manager will want a new style new players and new team plunging benfica into further debt and no doubt a new foreign manager would be appointed and everything would be repeated.
I think he should be given at least another year if not 2 to prove himself.
If after 2 years benfica are still a team with 5 or 6 above average individuals and 4 or 5 average primeira league players and benfica are still strugling to challenge the top portuguese teams then he should go.
If he does go I would actually like to see a portuguese manager with passion for benfica unlike some foreign manager who only wants money and this manager might actually prevent benfica turning in 2 the UN 11.
If heynckes did go I would love to see Toni return unfortuantely while JVA is there Toni wont be there.

he's gotta go.
But he'll stay until JVA can find some trumped up excuse to avoid paying up the remainder of his contract.

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I agree with you SLB...He shouldn't go just yet. After last years mess, I thought the team did fine contending for most of the season. Those late losses were not his fault, but the fact that we have a below average defense, and a lousy goalie in Bossio. I think that with some tinkering, this team can be a very good one, and we need consistency, from the top down, that means keeping the coach to show faith that Benfica is indeed serious. Let's talk about this issue next year!

Viva o Benfica!

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Well guys i think we should keep him for aonther year afterall he has done some good things. We can't just keep changing coaches year after year just cuz we don't win. I also heard that 10 players of benfica are going to be dismissed??


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Where did you hear the 10 players figure?

My guess of the 10 to go:

Sergio Nunes

This is my guess from what I've heard the last couple of months. In separate conversations, Heynckes and JVA are on record as saying that they are not looking to add a ton of players to the roster, but they are looking to add some QUALITY players. According to various reports/rumors, these players include:

Paulo Bento
Rui Costa

On the Heynckes matter - there was an interview in OJOGO last week where the reporter continuously asked Heynckes if he was looking forward to next season, what moves he wanted to make, etc. To all questions, Heynckes gave a terse "no comment". I think this is because he really wants the German National Team job (that by all accounts, is his for the taking). If it's offered to him after Euro2000 as many in Germany seem to think, then I think he'll try to get out of the contract somehow. If not, then I think he'll be back.

I think he WILL go. JVA's comments last week about "we think we have the best coach in the world" are very un-JVA-like. Knowing the Benfica president, they seem to be a planted comment to the press to drive Heynckes' price up to the Germans who would have to compensate Benfica in some fashion for a switch to make place before Heynckes contract is up in 2001.

I think Heynckes is still a great coach, and I hope he stays. I don't think he will though. Just a hunch...

Forca Benfica!
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