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I want to ask you a question:What is the capacity of our new stadium and your comment about this?

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Hi Emrah; Very difficult question :).
The only thing that LOOKS certain is that Juve will have Delle Alpi. We are still to know the conditions, but Juve has all the while stressed that they wanted a real football arena, so that means the tracks will certainly go.
Initially Juve thought about building a brand new 40-45.000 all seaster, but as Delle Alpi is a huge stadium with room for more than 70.000 it will propably be quite alot bigger which soothes me fine. Afterall- if the ground is substantially improved and our results remain good- more people will come and despite what some people has said about our average attendance it's only the cup games that does not attract more than 30.000 a game. So far we've sold 32.000 season cards before the new season and it's still more than a month untill the season starts.
The new stadium wll be a big step in the direction of becoming even more financially independant of success on the field, and given Juve's overall financial situation it spells a good future.
The PL teams (Man. United in particular) have shown the way it can be done managing a football club, and as Juve has every opportunity to do better than Man.U in the European games in the coming years our merchandizing, outside financial activities and general economic development seems quite good.
Agnelli said that Juve would feature on the borsa when we had our own stadium and we had incomes that allowed us to not care about results in order to make a yearly proffit (to satisfy investors).
We are already on that path, and as I do not see us being as "considerate" about expenses as Man.U or as heavily investing as Lazio or Real- our economic future LOOKS to be very prosperous.
But these are only preliminary thougts on this. I can't be definate about anything before I learn more about the conditions on which Delle Alpi is being handed over, the time frame, capacity, prize etc. etc.

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