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heskey or anelka?

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I would have prefered of course ROBBIE FOWLER but if it is between heskey and anelka i would say anelka cause heskey is not that good of a striker,second of all anelka fits very well in the premiership , we all remember him with arsenal, and also he is a very fast runner so with him and owen in front we will have 2 flying arrows it will be so hard for the opponents defense.
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I think you're in the wrong forum buddy:)
So do I. Off ya go to the Liverpool Forum... :tongue:
Well.. I wouldn't say it's that straight forward...

Anelka has more skill (not saying Heskey doesn't) but his work rate is no way near Heskey's.. Both of them are caught offside a lot.. although Anelka is actually trying to break a record in that area!! :)

I'd actually prefer both :) but I'd go for Anelka.. (His chance last night was a factor :D)
simple: ANELKA!
Both. They are different people and have different style. So we need them.
A direct comparison between the two is not quite appropriate I think.....
I'm not a big fan of Heskey but i think it really depends on what team Liverpool are playing. Sometimes Heskey can be really good and his physical presence is needed. But other times we need Anelka's skill.
It's not complicated at all - BOTH Heskey & Anelka,maybe with Owen as well in a 3-pronged attack:D .That is,of course if Anelka is with us next season:undecide: :( .
Anelka is a _____.....
Kawin said:
Anelka is a ______.....

Fvck off ....________ !!!!

NOTE : No need for retaliation, okay? :D
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