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Hernanes the next big thing

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This is coming from a SPFC fan, I may be biased but don´t you think he is one of the best DMs in action currently in the World? Not only he is physical and is good defensively but he is also great going forward and in a club with the likes of Richardlyson he is a treat to watch!

Going on a huge limp I think he reminds me a bit of Valber mixed with a little Falcão :D
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From the Brazilian league stand point he's easily one of the best nowadays, but the answer would be no if you cross the borders. The important thing is that we are well served for that position for years to come: just have to look at Ramires and Lucas.

Pierre deserves some praise for his defensive duties too (top in the country on that aspect of his game), he's Palmeiras best player in my opinion (Valdivia and Kleber follow him).
I saw Hernanes live when I went to see Brasil play at the Emirates Stadium in London, and as I already said in this forum he impressed me a lot. He has the potential to be one of the world's best DMs no doubt. Naturally composed and good on the ball, seems to read the game pretty well. Not afraid to shoot from distance if there's an opening.

Lucas-Hernanes to organize and hold the Selecao midfield :thumbsup:.
Them Pernambucano boys
sure can shoot longdistance
both Hernanes and Juninho.
Some similarities.
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