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How can I play Arcades???

I've been searching all day, and nothing.

I found a link by Balis, but when I clicked it, this is what I got:

"Page "missing"

Apparently you were not supposed to see this page, as far as we're concerned it doesn't exist, in fact it never existed. But now that you're here, we know you came looking for it, this will go on your permanent record. As you may know, deliberately searching for pages that don't exist, sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, is an activity closely monitored by The Independent Review for Ethical Browsing, and your transgressions here have not gone unnoticed. If you think you can continue like this with impunity, my friend, you are sadly mistaken. We will come knocking on your door, you won't know when, but when we do you better not have taken any more liberties in the meantime. So long, mr. Anderson. "

WTF?!?!?!? :D
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