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help please

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My club Barry Town are playing Boavista soon in the UEFA CUP ,can anybody give me some information on them.
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Thanks Lumac but i understand they have signed alot of new players.Anybody got a recent video tape of Boavista.This is a very big game for us.

I think that Boavista will win 2-0 in your stadium and win 3-0 at home. Remember last season they played Brondby and beat them 2-0 on the road and drew 2-2 at home...no offense..but Boavista are looking quite good this season.
Actually Marcoa I think it was 4-2 at home vs. brondby in extra-time, not to mention impressive results like drawing 1-1 away to Feyenoord, and beating Borussia Dortmund at home. Boavista is also a team that has eliminated teams like Lazio, Inter, and Atletico Madrid in recent past. I wish Barry Town good luck, but I think you might be outclassed here. This is also the club who made Jimmy Hasselbaink who he is today.

Boavista won 2-0 in Bronby and then Bronby was winning 2-0 in Boavista....they went to extra time and Boa scored 2 goals..so they won 4-2....on aggregate :)
No Boavista won 2-1 in Copenhagen and won 4-2 in Porto after being 2-1 down after 90 minutes.

I think Boavista will win 7-0 at home and win 2-1 away. Barry Town are a lot poorer than u guys think (no offence Milo but Kiev beat you 8-0 didn't they?).

By the way Milo - are you named after the Tweenie? tehehehe Where's your friends Jake, Fizz and Bella, and of course, Doodles! :) :)

Thank's for your help,yes we are in for a real tough time against Boavista. That's why i need to gather as much information as possible,come on lads help us turn them over.
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