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HELP NEEDED PLEASE!!! Swedish info.......

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Need Swedish info please!!!!

Hi guys

I need info on Sven Goran Eriksson's Swedish career. Can anybody help me to find data on KB KARLSKOGA, DEGERFORS IF and GOTEBORG please?!! Its difficult to find stuff in English.

Basically I need to find names of players who played with him iin Karlskoga, players who played for him at Degerfors and Goteborg or people in general who knew him at this time. I want to intervew people who knew him.

Please post here or email me with ANY SUGGESTIONS, all gratefully received!!!

Good luck in the world cup, hopefully Ireland will meet Swededn in the final...... :)


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Some players that played for him in

Kennet Sundqvist

Thomas Wernersson,Torbjörn Nilsson,Glenn Hysen

Jonas Thern(?),Glenn Strömberg.

The ones with (?) behind their names im not totally sure about...

Other people that might be interesting to talk to:
His old friend Börje Andersson(manager(former?) for Raufoss in Norway).
And old-timer, Goran Berger, who has played against "Svennis" when "Svennis" still wasn't famous.

Some info on his Swedish career:
"Svennis" was born in Torsby.
He was a player(defender) for Karlskoga and Degerfors IF but after recomendation from his Degerfors manager Tord Grip he became a help-coach for him.
When Grip left to take over the under-21 National team "Svennis" was appointed as the new Degerfors manager.
In the football crazy-town Degerfors he had big expectations on him but proved that he was up to the task immediatly.
The players liked him for his way of treating them(the stars was nothing special from the other players and had to sit on the bench aswell for exampel.) and he showed what a suberb tactical knowledge he had.
After three sucessfull seasons in Degerfors where he took them a long way back on their road to the swedish Allsvenskan(highest division) again he was offered the job as manager for IFK Göteborg.
He had a very tuff time there and told the player that he was prepared to step down if they didnt want him there anymore but they showed him their biggest support and he stayed.
Later he went on to win the UEFA-Cup final with IFK Göteborg, a fantastic(and almost impossible) thing for a Swedish team!

He then went on with his fantastic career in Benfica, Roma, Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Lazio but I assume you know about that.
Just for the record:He was on his way to Blackburn but refused in the last second and went to Italy instead.

Hope this will help you on your research a litte bit anyway :)
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Wakky, you are a gentleman. Thanks very much.

Yes Kennedy exist but he is verey overated in CM, still a verey good talent. Källström is already Swedens best offensive midfielder, he got all but pace.
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