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Alrite i am a minor and and do not have a license. my mom was going to take me to a bar in south river nj but i might not be able to get a ride there to watch todays match.

Does anyone know of a link that will stream the game live? i have cable so my modem should be able to handle it. I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS GAME!

ps the usa vs ireland game on ESPN is boring I MUST WATCH MY PORTUGAL!
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this site says at the bottom that the game will be transmitted live on TVI Online. has anyone else done this before and can confirm that it works? that way i dont have to order the pay per view!

30 minutes to kickoff!
now i found a live stream of RTPi, but the game isnt on yet. I HOPE RTPi is showing the game!
AHH now it isnt showing on rtpi but on that TVI IOL thing. but I CANT CONNECT. the server is too busy. LET ME IN LET ME IN!
im about to cry i have to settle for radio. PLEASE CONNECT TVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also have to settle for radio :( I guess is better than nothing. It makes me mad that they didn't show on RTPI, "traidores" :)
Radio would be fine if I could understand the Portuguese moderators. Usually they speak to fast for me.
I wish my Portuguese was better...:(
yup, ive given up on video. its there, just not connecting.

were 0-0 at the half and it sounds like such an exciting game. i really hate radio but what can we do.

the guy on TSF makes me go nuts when the ball is around the goal. he starts yelling like crazy.
Well the english commentators are crap. They dont talkabout whats going on and then shout "oh its a goal".
I hope Eurosport will show a match report tomorrow. And not only only five minutes...

Do the english commentators also pronounce portuguese names like they were french?
No they say english pronunciation. X'swere the main culprit. Peixoto had his name slaughtered.
Yeah, i'm at Miami and i can't watch my beloved Brazil play today.. i saw our last game vs Yugoslavia but i guess i am unlucky this time. Let's hope for the best. ;)

CONCEICAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Portugal 1 - 0 !!

Now it will be a little more easier to drive to Work !! even though it is going to be eating at me at not knowing whats happening in the last 25 minutes !!
Goal !!!!!! 1 -0 Conceiçao
Ronaldinho scores from the penalty spot to make it 1-1, that's my boy. :D
Guys, I feel sorry for you! :D

This match have been one of the most exciting, most interesting matches I have seen in a while! My expectations from these two artistic teams is to deliver an artistic, beautiful, and attacking play, and they never disappointed me!

Ronaldo played quite good, and he clicked in very well with the attacking force of Brazil, he had some truely good passes coming from both Ronaldinho and Rivaldo. But Ronaldinho is, in my opinion, the man of the match! He have been playing superbly, taking balls from the midfield and dribbling around, creating havoc in Portugal's area, and generally creating some good chances for the others. I don't follow French league so I dunno how good he plays there, but I tell you that this guy was outstanding in this match!

Ok, you may care more about your Portuguese players. Figo was the master in Portugal's midfield in the absence of the maestro Rui Costa! Also, Joao Pinto and Conceicao were good, although Conceicao's crosses weren't good.

I also have to question the ability of your right defender, Xavier, he almost let Ronaldo score, not counting some other instances where other Brazilian players may have scored, he seem very slow too! :mad:

Is this really Viana's second international? I haven't noticed him much during the match, maybe he's still too young for the big stage. Where is Quaresma? I like to see him play, that guy is very entertaing to watch, and can create some good chances/crosses, he may be better in the right flank than, say, Conceicao!

Good night! :cool:
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